Tennessee Titans: 7 Free Agents Still on the Market That They Should Sign

Daniel BarnesCorrespondent IIIMay 28, 2012

Tennessee Titans: 7 Free Agents Still on the Market That They Should Sign

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    Most of the free agents on the market have been signed, and the draft has already came and went, but free agency isn't over until it's over, and there are still some players that could really improve some rosters.

    The Titans didn't address the interior line or defensive end position in the draft, so now could be a time to finish what they started by signing some more help there.

    Here are seven players that are still without a team that the Titans should consider calling.

1. Matt Roth, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Let's start with the obvious need with the most obvious fix. The Titans did not address the defensive end position until the seventh round with Scott Solomon, a player who is likely to just see time on the field as a special teams player.

    The Titans need more depth at defensive end, and Matt Roth, the former Jaguar, could give it to them.

    Roth isn't going to be a playmaker for the Titans, but he'd be a very good backup for either Derrick Morgan or Kamerion Wimbley. In 2011, when he was playing for the Jaguars, Roth had 3.5 sacks and 24 total tackles.

    Not great, but for someone who didn't see the field a lot, it isn't bad. This late in free agency, he should be a very cheap signing.

2. Donte Paige-Moss, DE, UNC

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    Another defensive end (this one an undrafted free agent) that the Titans could look to for help is Donte Paige-Moss. Now, Paige-Moss has some character concerns and a torn ACL means he may not play this season, but reaching out to him early could give the Titans an edge when he is ready to sign.

    At the beginning of the college season, Paige-Moss was one of the top defensive end prospects in the country. In 2010, he had 13.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks, so everyone expected big things from him in 2011.

    However, he disappointed, registering only two sacks and four tackles for loss while losing his starter spot.

    Even so, the potential is there for him to turn into a playmaker, so the Titans ought to take a chance on him before everyone else tires to sign him.

3. Jake Scott, OG, Tennessee Titans

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    Jake Scott is getting on in years, but he was still great as a pass blocker last year, and there's no reason the Titans can't re-sign him as a backup.

    I know Scott isn't getting any younger, but he's a full three years younger than Steve Hutchinson and still looked like an effective pass blocker last season.

    Returning him to the Titans offensive line would increase depth in case Hutchinson succumbed to old age at some point in the season.

4. Jason Brown, C/OG, St. Louis Rams

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    Another one of the better remaining interior line players is Jason Brown, and at 29 years old, he's got a little more left in his tank than Scott does. He also has the ability to play either guard or center, so he could be a versatile backup at either position.

    Most importantly, Brown has a lot of potential. As recently as 2009, he was considered a top center, and he signed a contract reflecting that (five years, $37.5 million). However, for whatever reason, his play has fallen off in the last couple of years.

    If the Titans' excellent coaching staff could maybe get him to play like he did in 2008 and 2009, then he could be a big steal and fix a really big need for the Titans.

5. Jim Leonhard, SS, New York Jets

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    Markelle Martin was a steal in the sixth round, and he could probably play either safety position if he was called to do so, but he would probably be better as a free safety. Given that, and Jordan Babineaux's age, it would behoove the Titans to get another strong safety to act as a backup.

    Jim Leonard tore his ACL and will miss the beginning of the season, but he could play as early as midseason, so signing him now might give the Titans a jump on other squads.

    Last season, Leonhard had 48 total tackles, an interception and six defended passes. Again, not great, but for as cheap as he'll be to sign, he ought to be a great addition to a safety group that desperately needs depth.

6. Rocky McIntosh, OLB, Washington Redskins

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    The Titans don't really need an outside linebacker, but Rocky McIntosh could be signed just for the value he brings to the table.

    McIntosh plays in a 3-4 scheme, when he's better suited for a 4-3, but he still has gotten in some decent production. In 2011, he had 65 total tackles, a sack and a defended pass.

    At 6'2" and 242 lbs., he's also got the size to play strong-side linebacker, which is where the Titans will need the most help next season.

    Akeem Ayers is great, but other than him, the Titans are very undersized at linebacker, and all the backups are either suited best to play the middle or the weak side. If Ayers were to be injured this season, his backup would have a rough time.

    McIntosh, on the other hand, could easily add a couple of pounds and be a perfect backup should Ayers falter. Like every other remaining free agent, he'd be a super-cheap signing.

7. Drew Coleman, CB, Jacksonville Jaguars

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    While the Titans expect big things from Tommie Campbell and added Coty Sensabaugh in the draft, they could use a more veteran presence in the cornerback corps. A good way to provide that would be the former Jaguar, Drew Coleman.

    In his limited time last season (he only started four games), Coleman accumulated 46 total tackles, two sacks, two interceptions, nine defended passes and three forced fumbles. That isn't anything to write home about, but the numbers are similar to what Alterraun Verner did last season.

    Coleman would probably step in as the third or fourth corner in the depth chart, and he'd push McCourty and Verner to start sharp while competing with Sensabaugh and Campbell for playing time.

    Also, since he'd be the oldest corner in the group, he could provide them with a little of what he's picked up in his seven years as a player.

    Besides, in a league that's dominated by the pass, you can't have too many talented corners.