WWE Divas: The Good and the Useless

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 30, 2009

Many Divas have passed through the WWE in years. From legends like Fabulous Moolah to future Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. We've seen Sable, Lita, and the more prominent Chyna.

These women were great performers in the wrestling ring and you could tell they worked hard. Recently, though, we've seen the slow decline of the Divas unit.

Well, we can't blame WWE.

Who actually said, "I can't wait for the women's championship match at Wrestlemania"! I can't recall saying that and I'm sure many can agree.

Nevertheless, even though we never talked about those great women wrestlers that much we appreciated them. Mickie James is pretty good and so was Molly Holly. Trish Stratus had fantastic matches with Lita, Molly Holly, and Mickie James.

So we fast forward into present and what do we have? A joke.

Divas running around in their bikinis...you know the deal. They're interviewers, and they all end up doing a Playboy photoshoot. There's nothing wrong with that. Some divas are attractive...others aren't.

I might be wrong, but WWE has me under the impression that they don't care about Divas anymore.

The Diva Search looked a little promising but proved me wrong right away. Who came out from there? Umm Joy Giovanni, (if anyone remembers her) Christe Hemme, (boring to watch and jumped to TNA) Ashley Massaro, (where is she?) Kristal Summers, Michelle McCool, and who could forget Maria? It was a complete disaster.

Yes, many of these females possess beauty but in the ring they're horrible. Maria's gimmick just makes her look worse. She can't wrestle for beans and neither can her RAW equivalent, Kelly Kelly. She is trying to improve but she just can't sell moves, she has a way to go.

There are some to be thankful for.

Beth Phoenix is a blessing in the sky, and Rosa Mendes hasn't wrestled yet, but I know she's going to be great. Mickie James is a good worker as I noted early but we haven't seen her much lately.

On Smackdown there's McCool. She has improved and is decent...pretty good as a matter of fact. I don't pay attention to those Bella Twins or Eve whats her name.

Smackdown does however have the diamond in the rough. I'm not talking about Maryse, though she is good herself, but Natayla. She's a second generation diva; the only one I might add. Her linage is the Hart Foundation, of course, and she lives up to her legacy in the ring. She doesn't seem to get enough airtime, though.

Natayla doesn't have that certain body structure WWE loves (thin to I'm about to die). She has some weight on her, so is that the only reason behind her limited airtime? I doubt it but it does play a role though. Creative just probably doesn't have anything for her.

Divas these days are all bikini matches and Playboy cover shoots. Natayla just doesn't fit on Smackdown. That divas title is really a waste and is inferior to RAW's Women's Championship. I love the way Natayla wrestles. She is great in the ring and has beauty. Having both qualities is better than just one.

After a drought of useless diva matches, (who knows how long) I finally saw won worth watching. That was Beth Phoenix versus Melina for the Women's Championship at the Royal Rumble 2009. It was a very well worked match that showed strength, speed, selling moves efficiently, and even flexibility when Beth bent Melina's leg over her back and hit her in the head with it.

We need more matches like that. Many out there might just not care about the divas, but I think it should be addressed. We always see them compete, so if we have them then why not use them the right way?

Kelly Kelly should be traded for Natayla. Beth Phoenix is nearly unmatchable and I believe Natalya won't only give her a run for her money, but an excellent feud in the process. What was the last great women feud we've seen.

I would say Trish Stratus versus Lita or against Victoria (when she was used properly). Speaking of Victoria she left for a good reason. She is a fantastic wrestler/diva and when she got drafted to Smackdown, she faded away.

I don't want that happening to Natayla, so I hope she gets traded.

What if she joined the Legacy? They could possess all RAW titles, unlike Evolution who missed the Women's championship because they lacked a female in the stable.

Kelly Kelly fits more on Smackdown as they are the brand whose women are more for show and less for wrestling. Hopefully we don't get another Diva Search this year and if we do, I hope there is some skill to go along with the beauty.