Liverpool FC: Jimmy Carter and the 7 Worst Reds of All Time

Rob Greissinger@@Rob_Gsinger25Correspondent IIMay 8, 2012

Liverpool FC: Jimmy Carter and the 7 Worst Reds of All Time

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    With the win against Chelsea, Liverpool jumps over Fulham on goal differential to seventh place in the Premier League table. It has been a miserable season at times. The Reds have gone through periods of misery before. It's been a while since Liverpool have gone through a drought this long without something to brag about. 

    It's hard to not think of Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson as some of the worst Liverpool players of all time. Financially, they have been failures. But are they the worst Liverpool players of all time? It would be harsh to say that right now, but six months from now, that could change. 

    The Reds were very unlucky not to have equalize off of what would have been Andy Carroll's second goal of the FA Cup final. The frustration of Saturday's loss just added to the frustration of this season. It makes you remember the good times.

    But has Liverpool been in this position before? 

    When you think about who the some of the worst Reds of all time were, some of them make Adam, Downing and Henderson look great. 

Abel Xavier

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    The bosses must have drank too much Carlsberg when the idea of signing him from Everton was brought up.

    Xavier was so bad that he was loaned to Galatasaray in 2003 where he didn't play long either. He was sold to Hannover 96. 

    If you need anymore evidence of Xavier's character issues, look at his record. He has played for 12 different clubs around the world. At 37 years old, he actually quit football to convert to Islam. Changing to a different religion is an odd reason why a player retires from the game. 

    It also appeared that he cared more about his hair then playing.

Salif Diao

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    Salif Diao was ultimately sold to Stoke who was in the Championship at the time. He remained with Stoke until he was out of a contract in 2009. 

    Steven Gerrard said in his autobiography that he knew Diao would not make it. 

    "With Salif, I knew after a week of training that he wasn't going to be good enough," Gerrard said.

    I'll let Diao tell the rest of the story of his time at Anfield. It sounds like a list of excuses.

    "Things have not worked out this season. I have been injured a lot," Diao told the Mirror.

    "At Liverpool you are not guaranteed a game even when 100 percent fit. Houllier has changed his tactics and uses one ball-winner in midfield. It's fair to say this has been a blow to my chances. If I see between now and the end of the season that there is no way back for me, I will maybe think about going elsewhere." 

Frode Kippe

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    Frode Kippe was Gerard Houllier's first signing. He used his mulligan really early. In fact, Houllier used another mulligan in his second signing (Jean Michel Ferri), but I digress; but it's how you finish, not how you start. Houllier did not have a bad tenure as Liverpool's manager.

    Kippe was tall and athletic but couldn't keep up with the pace of the Premier League. He was much better suited for the Championship level where he played for Stoke following his time at Anfield. 

Bernard Diomede

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    Bernard Diomede was another Houllier signing that never worked out. He was signed for £3 million. His resume was decent but he never lived up to it at Anfield. 

    He played in three World Cup matches for France in 1998 and had eight successful seasons for Auxerre in France. 

    Diomede appeared only five times for Liverpool. He was loaned out to Ajaccio in his final season of his contract. He impressed them enough to sign with them when his contract expired with the Reds.

Istvan Kozma

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    Istvan Kozma has been on lists as one of the worst players to ever play in the Premier League. The pace of the English game did not match Kozma's ball-juggling skills. If there were a Harlam Globetrotters of football, Kozma would have been a perfect fit. 

    It was surprising that Kozma lasted in the Premier League as long as he did. After only making six league appearances in two seasons for Liverpool before he was sold.

Jimmy Carter

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    It is so easy to pick on him because of his name. When a footballer is named after a United States president, he'd better perform or be ridiculed for the rest of his life. 

    Carter was one of Kenny Dalglish's last signings before resigning in February 1991. The former Millwall player appeared in a red shirt only five times. When you only play five times for a team before being sold, you're pretty bad.

    He may not be as bad as Sean Dundee or Jean Michel Ferri, but he stands out the most because of his name and when Graeme Souness subbed Carter for himself five minutes into a match, it was easy to say that he would be shown the exit door. 

    He was sold for to Arsenal where he didn't do much better. He played in 25 matches and was loaned twice in his stay with the Gunners. Carter ended up back at Millwall in 1998 before retiring. 

Sean Dundee

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    Sean Dundee lacked everything. He may have been the best player for a pickup game with your coworkers but not for Liverpool. The English game was too fast for him. The lack of technical ability didn't help him either.

    Dundee was supposed to fill in for Robbie Fowler but ended up playing in only three games for the Reds. 

    Neil McAtamney put it best in a blog post. He said Crocodile Dundee would have instilled more fear in opposition's defenses. That would not be the only Crocodile Dundee reference to ridicule the South African striker.

    Dundee was so bad it is extremely difficult to find anything positive. How he was bought for £2 million is a mystery in itself. 

Jean Michel Ferri

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    Jean Michel Ferri played only one half total for Liverpool. That includes stoppage time. He spent more time crossing the English Channel when he was sold to Sochaux (France) within a year of arriving at Anfield. 

    When he was signed from Turkey, he was injured almost immediately. It didn't really matter. He had poor form before he was hurt and was poor even after getting back to fitness.