Lamont Peterson Tests Positive for Synthetic Testosterone: Amir Khan Fight Off?

Henry MartinSenior Analyst IMay 8, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 15: Lamont Peterson and Amir Kahn pose for a photo during a press conference for the upcoming fight between Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan at the W Hotel on March 15, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
Ned Dishman/Getty Images

Amir Khan was supposed to fight Lamont Peterson in a rematch for his WBA and IBF belt that he lost last December in a controversial split decision next week on May 19th.

The fight was going according to plan. Both men promoted the fight well, both were training hard in camp and both were ready to go to war to dispel any doubts of who the real winner was in their last fight.

Everything was running smoothly until earlier today, rumor broke out that there might not be a fight anymore. The Sun ran an article that said the fight could possibly be off. It didn't have any information as to why, but said that a source close to Khan said it could be announced soon that the fight was off.

From that, there was speculation that maybe one of the fighters tested positive during the drug-testing phase.

I personally didn't take much consideration into this as it didn't seem very reliable. That soon changed as the boxing community exploded on this topic and the possibility of Peterson cheating on purpose.

A few hours later, though, Gabe Montoya of, who usually cites credible information on boxing, posted via Twitter that Lamont Peterson has tested positive under VADA for a banned substance. Here are a couple of tweets he posted when he first broke the news:

"Gabriel Montoya™ ‏ @Gabriel_Montoya
I'm told by reliable sources that Lamont Peterson has tested positive for a banned substance. #boxing #boxeo"

"Gabriel Montoya™ ‏ @Gabriel_Montoya
Looking at the @Vada_Testing website, Peterson's name and bio/profile have been removed. Is there a connection? #boxing"

This is huge as it now puts Peterson's first win over Khan into question. At this point, though, he was tested for a banned substance, which can be multiple things like steroids, diuretics or even Marijuana. 

Everything seems to be one big mess now as Team Peterson scrambles to prove that their man isn't a cheater. Steve Kim posted via Twitter Team Peterson's statement on the matter. This just proves that what was once a rumor is now fact and Peterson did test positive for something, but they feel that Peterson isn't at fault:

"Steve Kim ‏ @stevemaxboxing
Ok, just got off the phone with a Peterson spokesperson who gave me a statement, to paraphrase what he said.... #boxing"

"Steve Kim ‏ @stevemaxboxing
That while they respect VADA and their efforts and the NSAC, they are working with doctors and other experts to clear Lamont's name #boxing"

"Steve Kim ‏ @stevemaxboxing
Team Peterson plans on submitting medical findings by the close of business on Tue that will support their claims..."

Dan Rafael of ESPN later joined in on the action by posting more statements from Peterson's lawyer. It turns out that they are doing everything possible to clear Peterson's name and make sure that the fight next week isn't in danger of being canceled. 

"Dan Rafael ‏ @danrafaelespn

Statement from Peterson lawyer:'We are working expeditiously with a team of pathologists and (more)"

"Dan Rafael ‏ @danrafaelespn

other medical specialists to confirm the origin of the test result.' -- Peterson lawyer. It is unclear how this impacts the Khan rematch.

As speculation continued to float around as what it could be, Steve Carp (Las Vegas Review-Journal), was the first to come out and say that the VADA had Peterson testing positive for synthetic testosterone from a test back in March.

"Steve Carp ‏ @stevecarprj

Peterson was found to have synthetic testosterone in his system according to tests conducted by VADA in March."

This shows that this is the possible reason as to why the VADA dropped Peterson from its client list, as quoted in an earlier tweet.

So as things stand now, everything is in shambles for not only the rematch fight but the credibility of Peterson as a fighter.