The Blackburn Rovers Chicken and the 15 Craziest Animal Streakers

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 7, 2012

The Blackburn Rovers Chicken and the 15 Craziest Animal Streakers

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    This one goes out to all the non-human sports fans out there. 

    On Monday, Blackburn Rovers fans unleashed a chicken onto the pitch, bringing a crazy end to a forgettable season. 

    This wasn't the first time an animal diverted the attention of the thousands in attendance or the many watching from the comforts of their own home. 

    And thankfully, it will not be the last. 

    Let's catch you up on the craziest instances of sports erring on the side of zoological exploits. 

    It's an animal party, y'all. 

Honorable Mention: U.S. Senior Open Menagerie

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    Old guys golfing isn't exactly scintillating television. 

    So, it was an amazing turn when the 2008 U.S. Senior Open featured a black bear meandering through the course. 

    That's pretty much the time that I would drop my beer and head for the exits. 

15. Cricket Pigeon

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    Between the cricket, pigeon and wickets, I have no clue what is taking place here. 

    What I do know is that this was a one-in-a-million throw that benefited nobody—save the people who tuned into watch this match. 

14. The Yankees' Bug Game

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    The New York Yankees took on the Cleveland Indians in the 2007 AL playoffs and that's when a plague descended upon Jacobs Field. 

    Joba Chamberlain was the most visibly affected as gnats swarmed him through the later innings, causing him to throw a few wild pitches and hit a batter. 

13. Atlanta Hawk

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    The 2009 NBA playoffs got really interesting when the Hawks vs. Heat matchup was stopped for Hawk-like reasons. 

    The bird was later removed from the game, much like the Atlanta Hawks are in every postseason appearance. 

12. Golfer's Birdie

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    This comes as a warning to birds out there: One day you are riding high, chilling on the back nine of a municipal course. 

    The next, you are getting domed by an errant 3-wood drive from Marge. 

11. Mexican League Pig Soiree

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    Here is a video taken from a Mexican baseball league game wherein a pig got loose and started running around the field. 

    I'm not sure what's more bizarre—the pig running amok or the chicken mascot running after it like some pork vigilante.

    I'll call this one a tie. 

10. Frontier League Skunk

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    The Associated Press tells us this was a Frontier League game between the Lake Erie Crushers and the Southern Illinois Miners way back in 2009. 

    The hilarious part is, clearly nobody wants any part of this skunk.

    We see plenty of videos of security trying to take down streakers, human or animal. This is the one time where a random streaker was allowed to pretty much do as he pleased until the animal found the exit. 

9. Turtle Dive

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    Do you want to know how slow the day was during the third round at the 2011 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass?

    Listen to the crowd explode as a turtle down on his luck looks to jump off into the drink. The commentators see fit to break it down in slow-mo, and we thank them for that. 

    Their analysis is quite hilarious. 

8. Cat vs. Bear

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    You can debate which video is better in the comments section. 

    PTI argues the better nuances of a bear getting tranquilized or a cat pulling a David Blaine-like trick and appearing out of nowhere. 

7. Good Doggie

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    Minor-league games are always good for a laugh, and this certainly qualifies. 

    The YouTube description states: 

    During a promotion called "Iams Adoptable Pet of the Game" where a local dog from a shelter is featured for adoption, the dog got loose while being escorted off the field.

    I think the dog was trying to send a message to how the team was playing. Very cerebral of you, pooch. 

6. Steve Lowery's Seagull

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    The 1998 Players Championship was the scene for the most egregious attempt at golf-ball thievery.

    The culprit was a seagull trying to take off with Steve Lowery's golf ball. 

    The gull took the ball and promptly dropped it in the water hazard. Rest easy, though, because Lowery was able to replace the ball without penalty. 

5. The Blackburn Rovers' Chicken

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    El Pollo Loco may have found their newest superstar to sell their product, because things got crazy and a tad bit chicken-y on Monday in Ewood Park. 

    The Rovers were relegated as they fell to Wigan Athletic in EPL action, 1-0—but not before a chicken was released to signal just who fans believe is at fault for the Rovers' fall from Premiership grace. 

    Big Lead Sports reminds us the team is owned by Indian chicken company Venky's, and the chicken released on the pitch sporting the team's colors means the fans have seen quite enough. 

    ESPN has a report on the final throes of a depressed side. I would be sad for you Blackburn faithful even if I didn't think chickens and players trying to catch them were among the funnier things I have seen.

4. Anfield Cat

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    Anytime I feel depressed or just out of sorts, I put on this video of the Anfield Cat taking to the pitch in a game between Liverpool and Tottenham. 

    There are cuter things in the world—I just have never seen them. 

    The cat runs around like he owns the place, because he does. I am confident that lease now has Anfield Cat on it. It just has to. 

3. Manu Ginobili vs. the Bat

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    The Spurs may have been in a fierce regular-season battle with the Kings, but the real clash within the contest was between Manu Ginobili and a random bat. 

    Forget Bane—this is how you take down the bat. 

    With one swipe of the hand, Ginobili defeats the winged rat and gives us all the heebie geebies at the same time. 

2. Randy Johnson Blows Up a Bird

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    A moment of silence for this bird that really just wanted to get in on some falling hot dog bun in the expensive seats. 

    Instead, he caught a closeup of one of the most feared fast balls in MLB history. 

1. Rally Squirrel

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    Can we all just be adults and agree that the Rally Squirrel was the one and only reason the St. Louis Cardinals won the 2011 World Series?

    For those not privy, a squirrel came out onto the field during the Oct. 4 NLDS game between the Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies. It was a nice moment that became all the more bizarre when the same thing happened the next night

    Um, odd.