Will the Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak Be Ended?

Giorgi DolidzeCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

There have been a lot of rumors about who the Undertaker will face at “the grandest stage of them all.” I would like to share with you my opinion.

I think that the Undertaker is if not the biggest at least one of the biggest things in WWE history. With everything else he is, the undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania(16-0). So there are two main versions of WM for him:

1) Continue his winning streak and have a 17 to 0 score

2) Or lose but to somebody greater than him. I don’t think that there is anybody whom I could call “greater than the undertaker” but if it is to happen the streak ender should be a hall of famer current or future.

These are the people that the undertaker may face:

TRIPLE H– Why not? They are on the same brand. None of them is currently busy with storylines(let's not call HHH vs. Kozlov a storyline) so it could be a WrestleMania 17 rematch. And what makes this match great is that we can not say for sure who will win, because triple h is the kind of wrestler who can end the streak.

EDGE– As far as I think edge will be the world champion by WM but I don’t won’t to see undertaker vs. edge for the second time at WrestleMania. This could be a good match but not the best one. Both superstars can have better challenge for this event, not because one of them isn’t good enough, but because the story-lines don’t promise us this match.

VLADIMIR KOZLOV – This could be a good match, streak vs. streak. One of the streaks is going to be ended for sure, and I am sure that it will be kozlov’s streak ended.

JEFF HARDY – If not Matt I think this would be a great idea but after royal rumble I’m sure it is not going to happen.

CHRISTIAN CAGE – We have been waiting Christian to return for a long time but our thoughts haven’t approved so maybe he is supposed to return and face undertaker by WM. I hope that doesn’t happen because if it does undertaker is going to win. Christian isn’t good enough to end the WM streak and the lose at WM, after return isn’t going to work for Cage.

UMAGA and Mr. KENNEDY are other two returners that may face Undertaker but I don’t think any of those two versions can work.

HBK – Is the match that I would love to see. Its two of WrestleMania’s biggest stars go head to head. But this is match that has other side as well. If they face each other and we look at WM24 than we can think that HBK will have to end Undertaker’s WM streak and maybe even career, which is something I don’t want to see. WWE has already got one career ender Randy Orton.

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN – Who else can end the career of the dead man if not Austin? An ended streak makes his name as a hall of famer even greater. If this match does happen Austin wins for sure (not because his better than the undertaker but because he its his last match and he is supposed to be inducted and so on).

CHRIS JERICHO – Jericho did become the superstar of the year but does he have what it takes to end the streak. But I’m sure the match will be great to watch. But I can’t really see how this two can arrange their match at WM. I mean, none of them is a title holder or the rumble winner to chose opponent. Maybe it will be Smack Down vs. RAW match (Batista vs. Umaga WM24).

These are my versions of WM undertaker match. I hope you liked it.

Thank you for reading.