WWE: Why Santino Marella Is the Perfect PG Superstar

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIMay 7, 2012

The PG Era has been an interesting time in the WWE.

Many older WWE fans were disappointed by the lack of blood, "edgier" angles and action (HLA, swearing, etc.). The WWE explained its change in programming with a pretty logical argument: money.

The WWE fanbase has changed throughout the years, so adopting the PG format made sense for keeping happy both the Cenation and the nation's elementary schools.

Though the PG Era catches a lot of flack from fans, it's not all bad.There are still amazing matches (Triple H vs. Taker at Mania—pick one) and entertaining weekly shows (well, sometimes).

While a lot of great superstars have adapted to the PG Era, none epitomizes this period in wrestling history like Santino Marella.

Santino is the PG Era in a compact, tattooed, singlet-wearing package. He talks funny, misuses words and peppers his amusing sentences with hilarious mispronunciations ("I'm Rey Mastreo, I lika to eat cookies") that delight WWE fans young and old.

It doesn't end there for the Milan Miracle.

Santino went from jobber and joke to an actual contender—while still keeping up his image as a joke. Marella's move set is as amusing as his promos, complete with unorthodox moves that display a surprising amount of athleticism—all building up to one of the most ridiculous finishers in the business: the Cobra. 

WWE fans have kept watching Marella throughout his career. They laughed at his promos as he dressed in drag and continued to get destroyed by superstar wrestlers.

Until he started winning.

Santino kept getting pushed and getting SO CLOSE to epic victories (second place in the Royal Rumble) until he eventually got the sought after tag titles with Kozlov. He then won the U.S. championship, which he currently holds after a few successful defenses.

Santino will continue to be forced down the throats of fans until the PG Era is over.  But, whether you like Santino Marella or not, he's one of the most "PG" superstars in the business.