B/R Wrestling Writer Joe Burgett: Love Him or Hate Him?

bergContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

I have been coming to B/R for a while, but never commented on anything. I love wrestling and like to read stuff about it to make myself better informed on topics. And while doing that I found B/R Writer Joe Burgett. I mean, if you type wrestling into google.com, then Joe's name will pop up.

He writes so much on wrestling and news going around the WWE and TNA. Along with that, he seems to be very knowledgeable on the subject of wrestling. But while reading articles he has done, I noticed that there were comments below where people kind of put down Joe Burgett.

Why? Well I had to find out, so I asked the people on B/R who know him best, the wrestling writers.

I asked the guys you wrestling fans know like Shane Howard, Daris, Ross, M, and others. All great writers in their own right. But I had to know, so I asked them what they think about Joe Burgett.

They all mentioned that they have had beefs with him in the past, some are ok with him, and others told me he was a great guy. But if that was the case, then why the negativity towards him?

They mentioned that he is sometimes arrogant. And if he tries to seem as if he knew more than he actually did. And does not really take criticism well. Others said he is a good guy who was more like a big brother kind of guy.

And I can see what they mean by that; you disagree with him from time to time, yet he still is a good guy to talk to and debate with on things. And that's cool. Others said he relies on news articles to get by, and he has potential, yet doesn't use it.

I feel that is where they are wrong. If you check his article count, it is around 400. Yet many are breaking news, but many almost as much are editorials. Now I am relatively new here, but I think editorials are from his own mind and have nothing to do with news really.

And he has a new editorial I like called "The Voices in my head to me to hurt you: Randy Orton's excuse for the pain" that I loved. And it seems he is worthy of the top spot with that. Of course, I am not familiar with B/R, but I am with Joe's work.

And all of it is informative and gives you something to think about. I can see where the writers here are coming from, this is not a news site after all. But I read a comment from M on M's article and he mentioned some stuff to Joe that made me think. He said  he came to B/R because of Joe Burgett.

I was surprised to see that by the comments they swapped back and forth. He said he saw Joe on-line and didn't say wow what a great writer, but who writes all this crap? It seems Joe loves to write, but I think he is a great ambassador for B/R.

He brought M here, he brought me here, and he may have brought you here, too. Don't know if he did or not, but there is over 900 members on the wrestling section. So some of you had to have come here after seeing a Joe Burgett article.

Why he writes is beyond me, but he seems to love what he does. And really can we say he is arrogant when he loves to share his opinion? Oh sure he has a different opinion than the rest of us sometimes, heck I disagree with him too sometimes.

But just because we don't like his opinion does not mean he is a bad guy. I have seen a couple of comments that I can't stand.

Ok he does not write the best, but do we have to tell him he sucks as a writer? He doesn't suck as a writer, he is good. Not the best, but good. He loves to go back and forth on people with his opinion so he can give his and maybe change their's. But people just don't focus on the article.

They would rather talk about how much they hate him, or where he made mistakes. Sure point out mistakes, but comment on the article's content too. Don't say you can't read it, you can. I know some of you just love to get Joe going too.

He is an emotional guy, not that he cries or anything, which there is nothing wrong with that. But he just loves to share his opinion and seems that he just wants you to focus on what he wrote. He wants you to see his opinion and stuff like that.

That is all, but we focus on just what he makes mistakes on. Sure if he misses a name or a stat, tell him of course, but don't just call him an idiot for the mistake.

Joe mentioned on one comment with one of Ron Johnson's recent articles where he called him out a bit. Where Ron said contrary to Joe Burgett, Christian Cage was not at the Royal Rumble. Wow, he wasn't there, so since Joe said it in articles he was the only one and he was the main person who spread the rumor and stuff like that. Are you crazy?

He was not the only one, many thought he would ne there. Joe said in the Johnson article that if he gets something right in the news people focus on how much they hate how he wrote it, when he gets something in the news wrong then he is ridiculed for being wrong. It's like he can't win.

Joe claims to be in the know about wrestling, which he is. But he does make mistakes every now and again. Also the WWE could have wanted to go with a storyline, but didn't go with it at the last minute. Remember the saying anything can happen in the WWE? Well, news articles take bravery. Because if your wrong you are no longer credible, but if your right your loved.

Sure Joe was not the only one who reported the Cage rumor, or news articles. But he seems to be the best at it. I look at news sites all over and Joe gives me more in depth news on them while giving his opinion on it.

Now he does not break it down to the very core, but he does tell you what he knows along with saying what he thinks about it. Why is that wrong?

I think the reason many do not like Joe is because he writes so much. You may not have one beef with him except for that. But I don't know why he writes so much. Don't care personally. But why is it wrong that he writes so much. If you get good ratings or the article is good, it will get attention right. Do ratings put it up? Not sure

But if that is the case you can beat his. Or are you afraid that Joe indeed is better, and you just don't like it. Could be, could not be. But I am not saying Joe is perfect here, or innocent. He may all of the things you claim. But he is different to different people.

You insult him he insults back. What do you expect? That is will just role over and take it. Joe does not seem to be that kind of guy.

I like Joe Burgett and what he does, wrestling is a hard thing to predict and analyse. And he does it well to me. What do you think about Joe?