Mr. Varitek, Make a Decision!

Don SpielesCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

By the time this get published, Jason Varitek may have already decided what he's going to do. Will he take the $5 million that the Red Sox have offered him for 2009 or will he sit out the season or retire all-together, as the Globe is reporting this morning? 

Either way, I'm hoping that there is resolution, because even though I am a big believer in the value of Jason Varitek to the Red Sox, I am sick and tired of this story.

The bottom line seems to be that 'Tek is not getting what he and Scott Boras believe he should be. There are mo other suitors. There is no option. So now he'd rather sit at home for 2009 or for good rather than make $5 million to play baseball for a team in contention?

Does that sound like lunacy to anyone else?

I'm willing to put most of the blame for this on Scott Boras. His scum quotient needs not be recanted here. But some has to go on Varitek. 

Where else can you be as valuable as you will be to the Boston Red Sox? No where. Where else are you going to make $5 million? No where. Where else will you be captain? On the Red Sox or on your living room couch. Is the decision really that difficult?

Varitek is mad at himself (and hopefully Boras) for not accepting arbitration. Had he done so, he would have made about double what he stand to get paid as-is. Plus, now that he turned it down, other teams are forced to give Boston a first round draft pick of they sign him, plus the $10 million that he is asking for. 

Does that seem likely?

I will miss seeing 'Tek behind the plate if he doesn't sign. That having been said, I am ready for this story to be over, for better or worse.