My Personal Gripe with the Internet Wrestling Community

Chris BrowneCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

What is it about being surprised that so many WWE fans seem to despise so much? I mean, in all honesty, how many times have we seen the current articles posted up in mindless wastes of mine and everyone else's time on B/R:

Taker v. HBK at Wrestlemania 25 CONFIRMED!!!

Christian Cage set to return tonight!!

No one cares who can turn a little promo or the fact that two characters are on stage together into a rumor that soon spreads through the internet community like wildfire.  Let me clear a few things up right now:

I believe my eyes work pretty; well, in fact, pretty damn well. I dont seem to remember Cage returning at Armageddon. Or at the Rumble. He didn't come out and beat the hell outta Jeff and cost him the WWE Title, like everyone seemed to "know" and "predict" so well.

He didnt come out and admit to killing Hardy's dog and lighting his house on fire, trying to hit him with a car, ambush him in a stairwell and literally blow him up, all in a calendar year. No. And you know why he didn't?

It's all YOUR fault.

You refer to the mass amount of internet community that leaves five to six posts an f-ing day about when Cage is going to make a WWE return, with ZERO evidence other than shaking your magic 8-Ball or reading your horoscope to go off of. 

Do I have to AGAIN refer to the WM24 main event match as evidence? I present to the court the case of the wrestling community v. WWE, 2008.

Orton was by no means set to retain the title at WM24, the character he was was so much farther behind than his current one. And why did he win? Because the net-nerds were buzzing for months before WM about who it was gonna be to win the title at WM.

Was it Trips' turn to hold the strap or was it Cena's to get his momentum back on a title he never rightfully lost? On the poll the WWE was running up until WM, only five percent of voters said Orton would win and retain at WM.  Five percent. That's less than the number of people that predict that anyone else other than Stone Cold will be a guest referee in any given match the rest of history.

And why did Orton retain? Because too many people built up that it was set in stone for him to lose. Too many people talked about how little a chance he had to retain, and the WWE decided to give the internet wrestling community the big fat finger in return for ruining what could've been better hype behind a match that deserved it.

The WWE loves to surprise. Look at Cena at the Rumble last year. Look at Orton the other night, being a very anti-Charlie Brown and hitting the punt like Sav Rocca.  The more people talk about it, the less a chance it's going to happen.

No, Christian didn't return at Armageddon. No, he didn't return at the Rumble. And the more people talk about when he's going to return, the less of a chance that he'll do it as expected.

Another thing that irks me is the whole Taker v. HBK rumor. Like I posted up on someones article earlier, there's been ZERO evidence that Taker and HBK are leading up to a match.  Yeah, Taker had a promo with HBK at the Rumble. It lasted all of about 10 seconds, and I can quote you exactly what Taker said:

"Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven."

OMG! NO F-ING WAY! Taker talked to HBK! That MUST mean they're going to have a match at Wrestlemania.

How many people have cut promos with HBK over his current storyline? Rey Mysterio.  Triple H even crossed brands to do it. Cena.  Even Jericho. So now, the criteria to start up a rumor is anyone that talks to HBK MUST be going to face him at WM?

So if that's the case, by my count, the match involving HBK at WM25 is now:

John Cena v. HBK v. Triple H v. Taker v. Rey Mysterio v. Chris Jericho v. JBL v. HBK's Wife v. HBK's Kids v. Lillian Garcia

Who knows, there could be a lot more.  I'm sure HBK has a dog, that must mean he's involved. Why not, lets throw Hogan and The Rock in there. Maybe Benoit will come back from the dead and be in the match, why not?

Yeah, they're both from Texas. So is JBL. So is Austin. So was Eddie. You know how many people come from Texas? 

My point is, the wrestling community ruins what could be good storylines through FAULTY reporting such as countless internet blogs and posts. Why not do everyone a favor, stop writing about what's "going" to happen, and just wait for it to happen?

Wouldn't that be swell?

There hasn't been confirmation that Hogan is facing Austin at WM. There's been nothing to say of HBK v Taker. Or Cage returning to "rescue the WWE." Stop writing about what's going to happen and focus on what has happened: nothing.

And as long as the net-nerds continue to post up, that's all that ever will happen.