Kate Upton and Erin Andrews for Trade & Eli Manning's SNL Close Up: BR5 5/7

BR5Daily ShowMay 7, 2012

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Today’s episode of BR5 gets you up to date with everything from Erin Andrews' package to Eli Manning's curtain call.

Topps trading card company is issuing a 350-baseball card set that will include non-baseball stars. Sports personalities such as Bobby Knight, Arnold Palmer and beauty Erin Andrews will be featured on these tradable collectables.

The LA Clippers lead the Memphis Grizzlies, 2-1, in one of the most exciting first-round series of the NBA playoffs. On the court, CP3 has been the star of the series. Off the court, however, it's been Chris Paul's two-year old son, CP4, who has shined during the postgame press conferences.

Young Paul recently showed the press his imitation of Blake Griffin's face for when he wants the ball. We know all can enjoy Blake Face. 

Superbowl MVP, Eli Manning, ruled as king of New York this past weekend, as he hosted the legendary late-night show, Saturday Night Live. Eli proved in the sketch, 'Little Brothers,' that he has officially stepped out from under Peyton's shadow both on and off the field.

Floyd Mayweather was accompanied to the ring on Saturday in his bout against Miguel Cotto by a famous singer, and it wasn't Manny Pacquiao. 'Baby' singer, Justin Bieber, came out to support Mayweather by request. Sources say that the Bieber and Money Mayweather partnership has been months in the making and that Money would love to mentor the Biebs.

Tiger Woods missed a cut for only the eighth time in a PGA Tour event this past weekend, but didn’t seem to be too sad about it, as the folks at TMZ had him partying in Las Vegas soon after. Las Vegas was where most of Tiger's alleged indiscretions took place back during his glory days.


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