Minnesota Vikings a Likely Possibility for Brett Favre in '09?

kurt petermanCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

You can call Brett Favre many names, but the one thing you cannot call the man is stupid. Every move Brett makes is calculated, from his average guy image to his press conference answers to the way he uses sports writers as puppets to get his message out to the public.

Currently, Favre is in the middle of his “thinking about retirement” process, but for some reason, you know there is more than retirement on his mind.

Brett Favre is due to make $13 million this year, which takes up a substantial amount of the New York Jets' salary cap. If Favre decides to return to the Jets, there is a good chance the team will either have to cut some players or restructure contracts in order to get under the cap.

In addition, it will restrict Gang Green’s ability to acquire free agents with the limited cap space.

What are the odds Mr. Favre knows this information?

With the free agent signing period around the corner, how about a scenario where Brett informs the Jets he needs additional time to think about things? This would handcuff the Jets in terms of cap space, as well as leave them with uncertainty at the quarterback position.

The scenario would almost put Gang Green in a situation where they would have to consider releasing Favre, making him a free agent.

Let's see; Favre a free agent, something that he repeatedly asked for throughout his departure from Green Bay. Brett finally getting a chance to play for the Minnesota Vikings, a team that he admittedly wanted to play for last year. Doesn't sound so far fetched does it?

Brett truly has the ball in his court and can take it to whatever team he wants to play for.

Stay tuned, Jets fans, as the next episode of “As Favre Thinks” is right around the corner. I would not be surprised one bit if Gang Green is left scrambling to find a new quarterback and the Vikings have there situation figured out.

The Jets have scheduled a meeting with Brett Favre next week to see if he wants to return to New York in 2009 or if the team is interested in bringing him back. Favre has been rumored to still be interested in playing for the Vikings.