WWE News: Report on If Champion CM Punk Is Actually Straight Edge in Real Life

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMay 6, 2012


Ever since making his debut with the WWE as a part of the ECW brand in 2006, current WWE Champion CM Punk has always made it known that he is straight edge; that is, he doesn’t do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke.

In the most recent edition of Power Slam Magazine, the editor of the publication, Findlay Martin, responded to the question by a reader if Punk is actually straight edge in his personal life like he proclaims on WWE television.

Here’s one of the quotes posted on the news story on WrestlingInc.com this afternoon.

"That's a vicious rumour, as far as we know," Martin responds. "We have spoken to many people over the last eight years who have been to bars and nightclubs with Punk and/or traveled with him in Europe and the U.S. and Canada, and all report that Punk has invariably abstained from alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco."

After Martin made his opinion known on the question about Punk’s lifestyle, the editor of Power Slam Magazine went into a little more detail about Punk’s difficulties in the backstage area with his straight edge lifestyle.

"Since most wrestlers habitually use alcohol and/or drugs and are instinctively distrustful of fellow wrestlers, the assumption among most who did not know Punk when he was working on the independent circuit and treading water in WWE's developmental system was that his teetotaler/drug-free claims were bogus," Martin says. "When he reached WWE television and his fame and word spread that his 'Straight Edge' gimmick was genuine, Punk was ridiculed and even ostracized by some wrestlers for choosing an alternative lifestyle to theirs."

Even if we learn that Punk was lying about his lifestyle outside of the spotlight of the WWE, my opinion of the WWE Champion would not change, but I would feel a little let down after nearly preaching about not partaking in outside substances.

In the end, Punk will likely lose a good deal of fans who became a fan of his solely for his stance against drugs and alcohol. Punk would possibly even fall from his perch that he currently sits on at the top of the WWE.

If the lifestyle of the WWE Champion was learned to be a hoax on the fans, would your opinion of CM Punk change if all the things he said on WWE television over the years wasn’t true about being straight edge?


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