WWE Superstar the Miz Appears in YourGED.com PSA

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 6, 2012

Photo by Reckless Dream Photography
Photo by Reckless Dream Photography

The Miz is using his awesomeness to motivate people to get their GED diploma in a new public service announcement.  

See him in all his spiked hair glory here.  

YourGED.org has made a series of ads where celebrities and semi-celebrities give pep talks to folks who need a push to finish their education.

Jerry Stiller, DMC, Alfred Molina and The Miz are among the famous faces shouting into the camera for a good cause.  

The Miz appears in two versions of the ad. In one, he appears for just a few seconds at the end, shirtless and in his wrestling gear with an over-sized sub sandwich sitting at this desk. He also stars in his own.

The concept of these PSAs is that everyone needs a different level of pep talk.

Some people may only need a Level 2 pep talk. Terry Crews provides that level, speaking in a surprisingly comforting voice.

The Miz represents Level 12.

Though he performs well, rattling off his lines smoothly, his tone doesn't match the "fierce" level YourGED.org promises.   

Despite being seen less and less in WWE's main events, The Miz has been adding to his acting resume as of late.

Besides recently landing the lead in The Marine 3, he did a fantastically hilarious spot for 7-11 in 2011 and a commercial for Paper Jamz.  

Landing this PSA isn't exactly a career-changer for The Miz, but it's clear that there are a number of people who believe in his charisma and crossover appeal.