Mayweather vs Cotto: Tough Competition Between the Two Not Surprising

Henry MartinSenior Analyst IMay 6, 2012

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 05:  (L-R) Miguel Cotto throws a left punch at Floyd Mayweather Jr. during their WBA super welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 5, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Yesterday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0 26KOs) was able to duke it out with Miguel Cotto (37-3 30KOs) to win a competitive, but clear unanimous decision for the WBA and WBC Diamond junior middleweight belt.

While some may be surprised that the fight went the full 12 rounds and active throughout, this was pretty much how I expected it to go.

I said there were three things that was almost certain would happen in this fight. First is that it would be a close fight. Next I said that it would be competitive throughout and not a blowout like a lot of people have been saying. Finally, Mayweather would not KO Cotto in the fight.

Personally, my prediction was Cotto taking a split-decision victory due to his new trainer, Pedro Diaz, in his corner. I had thought that body work, size and trapping on the ropes would work in his favor. He had success there sometimes, but not enough to turn the tide in his favor.

One of the reasons why this fight was competitive was because Cotto was able to back Floyd into the ropes, where he put together some combinations that bloodied Mayweather and gave him a little trouble. This was possible due to Cotto being able to use his jab, but Mayweather was also able to counter with some crisp uppercuts that, despite hitting Cotto, didn't make him stop wanting to come forward.

Another is he was actually able to hurt Mayweather. Mayweather can shake his head and smile as much as he wants after getting hit, but his bloodied nose and mouth tell a different story. When Cotto pinned him against the ropes, he was doing damage to Mayweather when he landed. It was a jab that started the bleeding from the nose and it was the jab that kept it bleeding.

Finally, Cotto was relentless. He didn't let Mayweather's pinpoint accuracy stop him from attacking and throwing punches. He was willing to do anything to land his gloves on Mayweather, and that made the fight even more competitive and entertaining.

Despite losing, Cotto put on a great performance and has nothing to be ashamed of. Despite only one man being able to take the win on their record, both men won by looking great in the ring.