Vinny Lecavalier and the New York Rangers

Ryan McFaddenCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

There isn't anything all that concrete about this trade in terms of actual discussions between the Rangers and the Lightning, but I enjoy speculating on trades and things of that nature, so I'm going to put my two cents in.


Pure Speculation

Although there has been speculation between the Lightning and Canadians regarding Lecavalier, Tampa's GM Brian Lawton and the ownership group have held strong that they won't trade their franchise player.

But what if they did?

There has been some talk in the blogging world that the Rangers could get involved in the Lecavalier sweepstakes. If you think about it, the Rangers do have a very enticing group of players that the Lightning could seek in return. The most prominent being Marc Staal, who is routinely matched up against the opposing teams top player despite the fact that he just turned 22 this month.

The Rangers could then add in Brandon Dubinsky, who despite being in the midst of a sophomore slump, is still only 22 years old and shows promise after a very successful rookie campaign. The Rangers then could add in either Petr Prucha, Ryan Callahan, or Nigel Dawes.

Also, the Rangers have bluechip prospects Artem Anisimov and Bobby Sanguinetti that could also be put in the mix. Plus, they also could trade the rights of Evgeny Grachev and Michael Del Zotto.

So the Rangers certainly have the means to pull off a trade of that caliber even though they would most definitely have to include Scott Gomez to offset the cap space.

But should they?

Hell NO!

The resources it would most likely require would be entirely outweigh the benefit of receiving Lecavalier. As fantastic of a player he is, the Rangers would most definitely be required to send Marc Staal in return.

In doing so the Rangers would be trading their best defenseman, who is not only cheap at the moment, but also has not even come close to reaching his potential. It is not out of the realm of possibility that he could one day be a Norris Trophy winner as his game fully develops.

With the Rangers current situation in mind, I don't think I would even want to trade Staal for Vinny straight up, nevermind with others included.

For the Rangers to pull off a trade for Lecavalier, they would have to compete with the Canadians, who would create immense competition since they covet him so deeply, thus driving up the price even higher for him.

Even though he has averaged 42 goals and nearly 100 points in the past three seasons, a trade for him would hurt the Rangers untapped talent in Hartford and also take away valuable NHLers like Nigel Dawes or Ryan Callahan on top of Marc Staal.

Lecavalier is also about to enter his prime years, which is great, but he's signed until he's 39 with a $7.7 million cap hit. So in the long run, the Rangers would be nearly as hamstrung as they already are with the salary cap and they would have lost significant young talent in the deal.

As great of a player he is, I would have to say no deal to Vinny.


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