WWE: The Revival of the WWE Tag Team Division Has Begun

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIMay 5, 2012

For the last couple years, the tag team division has been so bad it's hard to describe.  It's gotten to a point where winning the tag team titles means you're either being punished, or the WWE just doesn't know what to do with you. 

There is no honor in the titles at all.

You would have the same tag teams competing every week. Anybody up for another rematch of The Uso's vs Air Boom? 

It goes back even further than that. Anybody remember the never-ending feud between John Morrison and The Miz vs Carlito and Primo?

At any given time there are two tag teams that feud with each other till it becomes comical, then they split up and another two tag teams are formed (usually between superstars that are getting lost in the shuffle).

Sometimes the tag-team champions don't compete on a regular basis because one of the champions is suspended. That's what happened with Air Boom when Evan Bourne got suspended for violating the wellness policy.

You can't say that anymore.  There are a host of tag teams on the roster all of a sudden:

The Usos, Kingston and R-Truth, Hunico and Camacho, Epico and Primo, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, and to a lesser extent, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, and Big Show and Khali.

That's five or six tag teams that compete on a regular basis. When's the last time you could say that?

Not only are there an increasing number of tag-teams, but they also have storylines in place for them. I can't even remember the last time there was a storyline besides "I want those tag team titles."

A.W. has already put an interesting twist on the tag team division, becoming the manager of Epico, Primo and Rosa Mendes.  Titus O'Neil and Darren Young are the hungry youngsters itching to make an impact right off the bat.  Hunico and Camacho are a couple thugs off the streets and imply that same chemistry in their matches.

OK, maybe there not deep, emotional storylines like you see between guys like Jericho and Punk, but you can't say there not making improvements.

Unlike what we've seen these last couple years, these tag teams are all entertaining to a certain point.

While they may not all have mainstream appeal, nearly all of them are great wrestlers and can put on a good match.

The tag team division will likely never be what it was when The Hardy Boys, E&C, The Dudley Boys, The world's greatest tag team, BOD, etc. were running wild.

These tag teams have to play to their strengths; none of these tag teams have the charisma of The Hardy Boys.

But with all the drama and theatrics going on in the main event scenes, it doesn't have to be super over the top.

As we enter a new era in WWE, the tag team division would be considered successful if it had good wrestling with light storylines mixed in.