I Hear Voices Pt 6: Rourke-Jericho Derailed

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 29, 2009

I'm sure many of you know and or heard about WWE's current situation involving Chris Jericho and actor Mickey Rourke. According to one of Rourke's publicist, Rourke will not be participating in this year's WrestleMania in Houston, Texas.

I had a feeling this wasn't too big anyway—the match just seemed luck luster. Yet I wonder—why the sudden back out?

Just recently, he was calling out Jericho on the red carpet of the SAG awards and the two had it out on CNN's Larry King Live. In addition, The Los Angeles Times posted an article on their opinion of Rourke's appearance at WrestleMania. Unfortunately, they weren't too high on it, insisting that his involvement with the WWE would hurt his Oscar chances.

I think I might have to agree with that.

WWE had plenty of time going into WrestleMania to try and find a celebrity. The last two years were perfect with the likes of Donald Trump and one of my all time favorite celebrity appearance, Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Those two stories almost couldn't have been done any better.

This time around, it looked like WWE rushed into things and didn't put much thought into it. Granted "The Wrestler" was a phenomenal film and has Golden Globes to show for it. My guess is that WWE President Vince McMahon's eyes probably widened at an actor getting so much praise and publicity for a wrestling movie.

I understand why McMahon pursued Rourke. This might be a blow for WWE, but there is an upside—they can get someone better. No offense to Rourke, but maybe they can get someone that could probably appear a couple of times on WWE before WrestleMania 25.

The way the Jericho/Rourke story was going it looked like Rourke was going to appear on WWE until WrestleMania. As I noted, the Mayweather story was excellent because he was a boxer and he appeared in the ring a couple of times to build up the feud's hype.

Besides—on the flip side, Jericho is just too good to get the celebrity match. Now, Jericho may be free to enter another story. WWE could utilize him better now.

WWE must be hard at work trying to obtain another celebrity. Maybe the failure of the deal should be looked at in another way. It might just be blessing in disguise and something much better might come along.