Mayweather vs. Cotto: Pretty Boy Will Defeat Junito in Toughest Match of Career

Luis Batlle@lbatll1Contributor IMay 5, 2012

Floyd Mayweather flexes to the crowd. The "Pretty Boy" has recorded an undefeated campaign since going pro.
Floyd Mayweather flexes to the crowd. The "Pretty Boy" has recorded an undefeated campaign since going pro.Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In easily the most anticipated boxing match of the year, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. will take on Miguel "Junito" Cotto in a match that Mayweather will be destined to come out on top.

Yet with Cotto on the opposite corner of the ring, this bout will be anything but a walk in the park for the best in the business.

Mayweather comes into this match with the pressure of keeping his undefeated run intact. He has won all 42 matches he has taken part in, winning just under 62 percent of them in KO fashion (26).

His two most recent wins came against Shane Mosley and Victor Ortiz. The KO victory over Ortiz was the first KO the Pretty Boy landed since 2007.

Meanwhile, Cotto may not be undefeated, but his resume doesn't differ much from Mayweather's. Cotto has a career record of 37-2 with his two most recent victories coming over Ricardo Mayorga and Antonio Margarito. Two of his last three fights have been won with a KO.

In comparing the two fighters, there are two major points that must be addressed. Although Mayweather has the edge and should come out on top, Cotto will make this the most difficult match of his career.

When comparing similar opponents, which in this case is Shane Mosley, both Cotto and Mayweather came out on top.

Also, interestingly, as Cotto has fought against Manny Pacquiao, this may serve as a big-time advantage. Pacquiao is arguably the most talented fighter the sport has to offer, as Mayweather and Pacquiao have continued to delay this fight for the ages. Having gone up against the likes of Pacquiao will have Junito ready for the blows he will take from the great Mayweather Jr.

Although it is an unmeasurable statistic, there is no question the pressure is on Mayweather Jr. to continue to put up an undefeated campaign. Cotto, the undeniable underdog, has nothing to lose in this match and everything to gain. It won't be a factor that decides the match, yet if Cotto can make it through the first few rounds, the pressure will undoubtedly begin to mount on the "Pretty Boy."

In what should be a battle of epic proportions, expect Mayweather Jr. to again prove himself to be boxing's top fighter. Yet make no mistake about it, the Puerto Rican boxing phenom will be bringing it to him from the start.