The Metamorphosis of Edge

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 29, 2009

In this second installment of The Metamorphosis, I'll cover the ultimate opportunist, Edge himself. As you all know, he wasn't called that back in '98. Edge has been through a lot throughout his career. He's done it all (except the Royal Rumble). Let's take a little rewind, shall we? Edge has too much history given his 10-year and still ongoing WWE tenure, so I'll try to briefly touch on some defining moments.

Just recently Edge defeated Jeff Hardy for the WWE championship. Can you believe how far those two came?

In Edge's early days he experimented a lot. He had a tenure with Gangrel and the Brood. Young Edge found a partner and companion in Christian as they lit up the tag team scene. They also took part in what some consider the "golden age" of tag teams in the WWE. The Hardys, Dudleys, and Edge and Christian participated in a wave of matches that could arguably be the greatest tag team feud of all time.

What do the SummerSlam 2000, WrestleMania 2000, and WrestleMania 17 TLC matches have in common other than the competitors? Edge and Christian won all of them.

I don't know why the Hardys are called the master of the ladder—haven't they seen Edge? He's one of the most decorated tag team champions of all time. He's a 12-time tag team champion, and though seven of them came with Christian, he held tag titles with other impressive partners. These partners included Hulk Hogan himself, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and the legend killer Randy Orton.

Edge's résumé is constantly overlooked, as its one of the finest in the WWE. He is a King of the Ring winner, seven-time WWE/ Heavyweight world champion, 12-time tag champion, five-time IC champion, and he has also held the European and U.S. titles. Many people may not have known that Edge is responsible for Kurt Angle's shiny bald head. Edge defeated Angle in a hair vs. hair match.

Edge was injured in his career, and with the attitude wrestlers gone with the era itself, Edge began the journey out of the mid-cards and into the big times. Along the way he won an IC title match against his future tag partner Randy Orton and took a turn for the worse.

Let me further elaborate on this. Edge became a heel not too long after he began his career as a singles competitor. He was in for a roller coaster ride as he encountered all types of storylines and matches along the way. Here I was amazed at the inception of Edge's future greatness. I thought his tag team days were his pinnacle.

To be honest, I thought Edge could be a top mid-card wrestler at the most. But he proved me wrong; he proved doubters wrong. He went on to feud with Matt Hardy and even ended up dating Lita. He also feuded with the big red monster Kane for Lita's love...well, not really because Lita didn't love Kane.

Nevertheless, Edge's biggest break came when he won the very first Money in the Bank Match. He had a briefcase that guaranteed him a world title shot within a year's range. Here is when Edge turned heads. He took that step like many and went into the cocoon. Instead of coming out a butterfly, he came out the ultimate opportunist, and he was dubbed that name when he cashed in his MITB contract.

After John Cena had won an Elimination chamber match to retain his title, Edge ran in with a ref and speared the bloodied Cena and experienced taste of a world title with his first-ever WWE world championship.

It wouldn't last long, as Cena would take back the title a few weeks later, but the Metamorphosis was complete and Edge would one-up Cena later by regaining the title from the chain gang commander. The two would have an almost year long feud with the titles switching hands between the two went back and forth.

He found success again later when he and Orton became tag team champions and took on DX head on and actually least from my point of view. Not long after his tenure with Orton was over, Edge found himself on the other side of the WWE, SmackDown.

Edge continued to show the world why he was the Ultimate opportunist by emulating what he did to Cena at the chamber by doing it to the Undertaker and celebrated another world title reign. That's not all he celebrated: Edge also had an relationship with SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero. Eventually Edge would marry her and along with Chavo and his Edge heads Zack Rider and Kurt Hawkins, he formed La Familia.

He would do anything to keep that world championship around his waist. Ultimately he would lose the title to Undertaker at WrestleMania 24, just falling a little short. He continued his feud with the dead man but got sent to hell in an Hell in a Cell match and returned at Survivor Series to add another world title to his résumé.

Edge, of course, would lose it again, and Jeff Hardy somehow managed to get his hands on it. At the Royal Rumble in 2009, Edge would add yet another reign to his title history and is WWE Champion to date.

How long will this reign be? What will Edge do to keep his title? One thing is for sure—as Edge has evolved, he's only getting better.

Another Metamorphosis...until next time.