I Don't Like Him Just Because He Is Good Looking!

Miah D.Senior Writer IJanuary 29, 2009

It was cold and windy, but the city was beautiful. It has unveiled the colours of “passion number one” or for some others, religion. It has unveiled the colours of hockey. The All Star Games were in town. 

Despite the controversies surrounding this year’s edition, the fun and anticipation of the Hockey fans who invaded Montreal weren’t any less palpable. 

That evening, walking down the streets, sharing that same excitement, enjoying the much needed “party atmosphere” of the town, I bumped into a number of people gathering around what seemed to be a very attracting matter. 

The street was enlightened by camera flashes, the noses of police cars and ambulances from other side of town were masked by screams of joy and excitement. 

My eyes wandering of curiosity suddenly stopped. There he was. 

6ft 4, blond, blue eyes, 245 lb of muscles, just muscles; and a smile was coming out of this baby-face of his. 

My reaction was the same as most of the human beings of female kind surrounding the perimeter, “oh my gosh, it can’t be him.” But it was. It wasn’t a dream, although my heart felt like in a fairytale. 

Mike Komisarek was standing right in front of me. 

Everyone was murmuring some words, while the only thing I could think of was “you are a hero. No wait, you’re a god!” At least it was better than “did it hurt? (What?) When you fell down from heaven?” 

It is not new to anyone that the NHL holds in its rosters some nice specimens of what is called, if I may say, "eye-candy."

The Flyers have Scottie Upshall and Jeff Carter. The Kings have Drew Doughty. The Capitals have Jose Theodore. And yada-yada-yada. 

However, wait before judging the female side of the fans’ community, please, gentlemen. It has nothing to do with the way they look, or maybe a little bit. Okay, maybe a little more than just a bit. 

There is more to this game than Carey Price’s mysterious and yet funny side, Alex Tanguay’s smile, Sergei Kostitsyn’s sight, and Yannick Weber’s eyes. 

I am proud to be part of the generation of women who stand up on their chairs and scream out loud when a brawl starts; who know the players by their statistics rather than their marital situation (although we know that too!); and who know that "icing" has strictly nothing to do with ice cream. 

Komisarek does not have blue eyes, he has feet that had blocked 106 shots this season. He is not 245 lb of muscles, he has 245 lb of hits (103 in total). And he does not have blond hair, he has a helmet that has a 'CH' and the No. 8 on it. 

It looks like it is about the man, when it is in fact about the jersey. Those players are giving us fans their best, and it is all that matters. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Foxes in the Henhouse! 

Miah is one of the three Community Leaders for the Montreal Canadiens here on Bleacher Report.  She also co-hosts Habs All Out Radio, a in-depth talk radio show devoted to all things Montreal Canadiens, with Matt Eichel.  It airs weekly at www.youcastr.com/shows/habs-all-out .