WWE: 7 Potential Signees of A.W.'s 'All World' Faction

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IMay 6, 2012

WWE: 7 Potential Signees of A.W.'s 'All World' Faction

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    After making himself seen backstage for weeks, the man known simply now as "A.W." has finally signed his first talent to his services, which he refers to as "All World." The first people to sign on with him are the ex-WWE Tag Team Champions, Primo and Epico. Along with Rosa Mendes, the trio becomes the first step for A.W. to make a big impact in WWE.

    So where will the next signings come from for A.W.? Is there a specific type of talent he is looking for? Since A.W. has not quite dove into details of what All World is supposed to be all about, it is free to speculate what the intention is. For the purposes of this article, I'll spin the idea of All World as the best international talent that WWE has to offer, but it's a collection of talent which has been held down and not given the chances that others have been given.

    All World is the perfect chance to give some of the talent that have been overlooked and not utilized from their foreign upbringing. Talent from all across the world come to WWE and many do not end up becoming the megastars they intended to be. Often, it is their lack of charisma or microphone skills that does them in, which could be where A.W. comes in to help. With All World, he can be their mouthpiece and give them a reason to be shown prominently.

    Here are seven talented stars who could be the next to sign with A.W. and have their careers influenced.

Antonio Cesaro

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    Only one match in, Cesaro would fit in well with what A.W. wishes to accomplish. I'm sure that Cesaro will be used more as a competitor close to John Laurinaitis, especially given that he will be the envy of Teddy Long. However, Cesaro is an unusual talent with an unusual background. Billed as a former rugby player, Cesaro seems to have the rough attitude of a typical rugby player, as well as the support of the lovely Aksana.

    His allegiance to Laurinaitis will likely give Cesaro a nice streak of victories for a good amount of weeks. If A.W. wants to make a big splash on the Smackdown brand, Cesaro is a nice start.

Jinder Mahal

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    Another person to watch on Smackdown is Jinder Mahal. Mahal is one of the most impressive Indian superstars in recent memory, and his Camel Clutch finisher has been locked on to some of the strongest men in WWE, including Ezekiel Jackson.

    Mahal recently came out of nowhere to tell Randy Orton that he would be waiting to take him down. It's anyone's guess as to if Mahal will actually be the next feud for Orton, but it would be nice to see Mahal get the chance at a big feud. Joining A.W. would give Mahal an edge in the feud and at least let some fans believe there would be a chance of Mahal winning some encounters.

Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre fills the two qualifications of All World that I put out there before: He is from a foreign country and he has been held back. Does anyone even remember what brand Drew McIntyre is a part of? To my knowledge, I haven't seen McIntyre compete since WrestleMania. For someone known as The Chosen One, there isn't a lot of people choosing McIntyre to do anything.

    A.W. can change all of that and give McIntyre the opportunities that he used to make him great as a long-reigning Intercontinental Champion once upon a time. McIntyre needs some air to be injected into the drooping balloon that is his career.

Lord Tensai

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    Lord Tensai is doing fantastic thus far on his own, but Sakamoto and Tensai have to be wondering where they were at Extreme Rules, as well as why they don't seem to have any challenges coming for Over the Limit. Yoshi Tatsu aside, there aren't a lot of people lining up to try and take down Tensai.

    All World can give Tensai the matches he craves. There is a lot of talent out there that Tensai can destroy, but only if a guy like A.W. can help give him that talent. As much as Laurinaitis is using Tensai as his main man on RAW, A.W. can represent Tensai to get him more matches and more exposure.

Mason Ryan

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    Of all of the guys on this list, I think Mason Ryan would get the most out of aligning with A.W. and All World. This would, of course, include Ryan to turn heel (yes, he is a face right now). That doesn't seem to be much of a problem, since most aren't sure of the last Mason Ryan sighting, let alone the last time they cared about the man from Wales.

    It has been a long time since the New Nexus, which barely showed off Ryan as a grand force. Ryan needs to become that big monster heel again and enjoy the dominance he did when he was down in FCW.

Ezekiel Jackson

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    Speaking of big men who need big facelifts for their career, list Ezekiel Jackson in that regard as well. The man from Guyana is a former ECW and Intercontinental Champion, but it's another case of asking yourself, "Where has this guy been lately?"

    Jackson was as tough as they came when given the chances on ECW as a heel. Turning him heel once again and putting him into a faction again would hopefully bring on some of those glimpses of a star that he enjoyed with The Corre. Jackson can become a star in a hurry if it is done well.

Wade Barrett

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    I want you to look at the crown jewel for A.W. in Wade Barrett. Barrett has been a leader in Nexus and The Corre, so putting the favorite son of England in a prominent role of A.W.'s group of superstars would be a smart move. Barrett has a great chance to become a world champion in the making when he returns from injury this year.

    Imagine that Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton's feud brings All World into it. It can be a great return for Barrett to join All World and take on Orton. If Barrett wins Money in the Bank or uses it to become a world champion, the rest of the members of the group can help protect Barrett and the world championship from leaving their group.