Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: How Both Men Have Acted Like Cowards

Mick Akers@@mickakersAnalyst IMay 4, 2012

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Over the last three years or so, there has been talk of a possible super-fight between the two best fighters of the last decade, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, but both of the fighters' acts of cowardice have prevented the bout from ever coming to fruition.

When the fight was first in talks in 2009, Pacquiao started the cowardly acts off by not accepting Mayweather's demands to have Olympic-style blood testing.

Mayweather insisted on this due to his concerns that Pacman was using performance enhancing drugs, which is all based on speculation and has never been proven.

If Pacquiao has nothing to hide, then taking the tests shouldn't have been a problem, but he expressed concerns of blood being drawn all the way up to  fight day would hurt his performance in the ring. Whatever effects the blood tests would have on him, Mayweather would experience much of the same, so it should be a non-issue.

Then a ray of hope came when Pacquiao's camp said that the Olympic-style testing was no longer an issue in 2010, so the fight seemed like a sure fire bet to take place, right?


Mayweather then showed his cowardly side when he then demanded that Pacman take a flat $40 million for the fight, with the rest of the money including pay-per-view going into Money May's pocket. This of course didn't fly with Pacquiao, as should get an even 50-50 split with Mayweather, as he is just as big of a draw as the "king of pay-per-view," so again, the fight was off.

Pacquiao's cowardly side reared its ugly head again when the fight was in talks of taking place this upcoming Cinco De Mayo weekend, but Pacquiao's camp stated a cut he got in the third installment of his saga with Juan Manuel Marquez in November of 2011 wouldn't be healed until June—cleverly after Mayweather is scheduled to begin his three-month jail stint that was moved from beginning on January 6 until June 1, with the hopes the mega-fight would take place.

With time running out for both fighters in the ring as Pacquiao is slated to retire sometime in 2013 and Mayweather not too long after in 2014, it's about time that Money May and Pacman give up this back-and-forth exchange of cowardly acts and settle the debate of who is the best fighter of their generation once and for all.