Jeff Hardy! You've Been "CM Punked"!!

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IJanuary 29, 2009

Well Jeff Hardy lovers, you asked for it and you got it.  Jeff Hardy defied the odds and became WWE Champion last December at Armageddon. 

Fans everywhere rejoiced as the "ultimate screw-up" showed us all what you can accomplish when given a second chance. 

The title reign of Jeff Hardy came to an end last Sunday at the Royal Rumble, roughly a month after Jeff won the title. 

By losing the title at the Rumble Jeff Hardy was officially "CM Punked".

CM Punk won "Money In The Bank" at last year's Wrestlemania.  From then on people were anticipating Punk become either the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. 

Finally in July 2008, Punk cashed in his MITB opportunity and won the World title from Edge. 

While fans were thrilled with the victory, I really believe that management didn't see him as a credible champion. 

Punk held the title for less than two months and lost the title at Unforgiven, in a match he didn't even compete in. 

After getting a rematch with Chris Jericho the new champion, Punk completely fell from main event status and went back to being a mid-card wrestler.

In an attempt to pacify angry fans, Punk went on to become one half of the World Tag Team Champions and is currently the Intercontinental Champion. 

I still find myself confused as to why the title was put on Punk in the first place if the plan was to make him champ for a month and a half and then reduce him back to mid card status. 

Could Hardy suffer the same fate?

Well it's possible considering that he is going to be feuding with his brother Matt for the foreseeable future.

It is very likely that Jeff will not get his one-on-one rematch with Edge any time soon. 

Jeff will likely be a participant in the elimination chamber main event for the World Championship and that's about as close to a rematch as he'll get. 

From there he will probably face Matt at Wrestlemania in a brother vs. brother matchup. 

Triple H will probably be the man facing Edge at Wrestlemania and after that we might see the returning (we think) Christian getting a shot at the title.

Where does that leave Jeff Hardy?  He'll probably feud with Matt for a few months and like CM Punk be lowered to mid-card status.

Hopefully I'm wrong and the scenario doesn't play out this way but boy it sure looks like it's going to. 

The sad part is the chase that Jeff was making towards the WWE Championship was compelling and fun to watch.  Why not continue to have Jeff keep coming up short on winning the title, have him win the Rumble and finally grab the brass ring at Wrestlemania? 

The storyline involving Jeff's series of "unfortunate events" and Matt turning on him could have still played out immediately after Wrestlemania going into Backlash. 

I feel that the fans eagerness to see Jeff become champion caused the WWE to pull the trigger too quickly, thus causing him to suffer a similar fate as CM Punk.

If only the WWE could have held out a couple more months they could have had everything they wanted and then some.