30 Athletes and Coaches Giving the Middle Finger

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30 Athletes and Coaches Giving the Middle Finger
Image via SBNation

You have probably heard that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler recently had a less-than-friendly run in with the paparazzi. The paps spotted the always-cranky Cutler rocking his finest sweats and walking his teeny little dog. The cranky QB was clearly displeased and shot back with the bird—from several different angles

Cutler is undoubtedly one of the least pleasant people in professional sports, so this whole event wasn't much of a surprise. Sure, it was awesome, but it's also expected. And not just from Cutler—athletes and coaches are busted giving the one-finger salute on the regular.

Sometimes it's done out of anger, but just as often it's done out of mischievous fun to elicit some cheap laughs. Either way, thanks to all the feigned outrage from the morality police, it grabs a few headlines every time it happens. 

Feigned outrage be dammed, here are 30 athletes and coaches who are willing to let their middle fingers fly. 

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