IS Gary Busey Jack Swagger's Father?

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

How Long is too Long to carry around a Slammy?

Why does Jack Swagger look like Gary Busey when he smiles?

What makes Awesome Kong awesome? And not just a fat chick who wants to wrestle?

What is the difference between TV ugly and Vicki Guerro ugly?

Are the "Beautiful People" simply beautiful by comparison in the roster? (TNA)

Can a person be famous on ECW without being Champ?

Did Maryce win the title because she used 5 minutes of unorthodox hand movements, prior to pointing at the belt?

Is a person gay if they check out Lita?

Did the movie “the Crow” come out before or after sting changed his face paint?

Is John Cena a lost brother of Marky Mark? (the looks, not necessarily the rapping)

Does oil on a wrestler make the difference between fat and muscular?

Why do girls never oil up where it counts?

Why does the name Dolph Ziggler remind me all too much of the role of Dirk Diggler in Boogie nights?

When does a steel cage match turn from steel bars to chain link?

Now that John Cena is playing a Cop in his movie, will he wear a badge, then kiss it before he wrestles?

Does DJ Gabriel, look like Sylvan Granier

Is raven just plain lazy when he sits in the corner?

Do you think Mark Henry gave up his sexual chocolate with his “O-Himry” bar?

When Gold dust takes off his make up and keeps his wig on, does he look like the guy who is the torturer from Princess Bride?

When RVD is wrestling, does he look stoned?

How do they fall through the ring?

When Manu has his hair down, does he look like the fat guy from Lost?

Wrestling is a sport which requires an amazing amount of cardio. How does someone like Samoa Joe lose the weight?

Is anything of importance, actually stored under the ring?

Do you think HHH’s favorite drink is actually an “Apple-tini?”

Does it take more work to stay in the royal rumble, or go out on the first try?

Do you think Natalya grew up learning wrestling because they didn’t find out she was a girl ‘til it was too late?

Is it rude to spit in the ring? Several wrestlers do, but they have to get on the mat in like 10 seconds…eww.

When Stone cold sprayed beer at Vinnie mac, did any of the kids have their mouth’s open

When Kurt Angle sprayed milk, did it ruin clothes?

Do single girls ever just go by themselves to a wrestling events?

Why do some wrestlers look like they are in trunks, then others just look like they are down to their underwear?

Where does Jerry Lawler get his shirts? Does he have more than three?

Does Stephanie McMahon look like the “Cholula” girl?

Why is William Regal from “Black Pool” England, But Kahli is just from plain India?

What is on Kahli’s chest?

When wrestlers are whispering in each other’s ears during a match, is it dirty?

If I get knocked out, can someone put me in a striped shirt; roll me into a ring, so I can be okay immediately?

Do wrestlers wear deodorant?

Can Raw start, just one week, with a wrestling video synced to the opening theme from “Cheers?”

Does ECW seem like when Friends went off the air, then they made that spin-off called Joey?

Do you think that you could put peanut butter in Festus’ mouth, to make him look like he’s talking?

Would I still write about wrestling if I was a wrestler?


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