LeBron Talks to NBA Greats & Jered Weaver's Bathroom Break: BR5 5/4

BR5Daily ShowMay 4, 2012

for the Miami Heat stud following King James' outreach to Hall of Famers asking for advice.

What can be worse than losing a triple overtime NHL playoff game? Coming home to a destroyed house! Washington Capitals' defenseman Karl Alzner got a nice surprise when he came home after a grueling six periods of puck in a loss to the New York Rangers.

Baseball players are some of the most superstitious athletes in all of sport. MLB pitcher Jered Weaver broke one of his own by breaking the seal during his no-hitter.

Canadian stuntwoman Jolene Van Vugt beat the Guinness record for top speed on a motorized toilet. She was able to crank out 46.6 miles per hour on the toilet. Sounds like she needed to use the bathroom!

Eli Manning will be on television this weekend, but not for football. You can find the New York Giants' quarterback hosting Saturday Night Live!

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