New York Knicks' Midseason Report Card 2009

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJanuary 29, 2009

Here is my assessment of the 2009 New York Knicks, as they have performed up until this point in the season. Players will be rated not merely on how well they have performed, but rather their performance will be assessed in relation to the role that the given player holds on the team as of this time. With that said, here are the midseason ratings:

The Starters

1)     Point Guard: Chris Duhon                                      A-

Chris’ on-court leadership and immaculate passing is a large reason why the Knicks have improved so greatly this year.

2)     Shooting Guard: Quentin Richardson                               C+

He hasn’t been the focal point of the offense this year, but Quentin has contributed efficiently on both ends of the floor this season.

3)     Small Forward: Al Harrington                               A-

Al has exceeded expectations since coming to New York, and he is beginning to develop into a borderline star player.

4)     Power Forward: David Lee                                     A

David Lee, once thought of as no more than a glorified role player, has developed into an absolute star and leader for the New York Knicks. Currently, he leads the league in double-doubles.

5)     Center: Jared Jeffries                                                          B-

Jeffries hasn’t contributed too much on offense, but his defense has been among the best in the league.

The Role Players

1)     Guard: Nate Robinson                                 B

Although he did go through a bit of a slump, Nate has been an explosive spark off the bench on both offense and defense.

2)     Guard: Anthony Robertson             C-

He isn’t asked to do much, but he can make some shots off the bench when asked to.

3)     Forward: Wilson Chandler             B+

Chandler has developed a lot since his rookie season, and he has now become a force to be reckoned with on both offense and defense.

4)     Forward: Tim Thomas                     B-

The 6’10" swing- forward has been a versatile and effective weapon off the bench, and has shown flashes of brilliance when given sufficient playing time.

5)     Forward: Danilo Gallinari              B-

He missed most of the season due to injury, but since coming back he proved to the world he was worthy of being drafted sixth overall. He already is a solid contributor, but in a few years he can potentially become one of the league’s best players.

The Reserves

1) Guard: Stephon Marbury                       F

Marbury has been nothing but a distraction to the New York Knicks, and he has been banished from the Knicks as a result. If their was a grade lower than an F, I’d give it to him.

2) Guard: Cuttino Mobley               INC

Upon being traded to the Knicks, it was discovered that Cuttino had a heart condition that would force him to retire from basketball permanently. Given these circumstances, I will exempt Cuttino Mobley from receiving a negative rating by assigning him an incomplete, and I only wish him the best moving forward with his life outside of basketball.

3) Forward: Malik Rose                   D+

For someone who was paid good money to be a veteran presence and winning leader for the team, I really haven’t seen much of anything from Malik. While he has contributed a small amounts when asked to, Rose has really been a non-factor for the Knicks this year.

4) Center: Eddy Curry                                 F

This season, Eddy showed up to camp out of shape and he has since missed almost all of the season due to injury. Trading for Eddy Curry seems to have been one of the worst moves in the history of the New York Knicks.

5) Center: Jerome James                 F

Jerome is another guy who was paid a lot of money to play for the Knicks, but the truth is he really hasn’t played much at all. In short, signing Jerome was another horrible move made by former Knicks general manager Isiah Thomas.


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