UFC News: Chael Sonnen Rips Anderson and Wanderlei Silva, Takes Shot at Rampage

John Heinis@HeinisHardNewsSenior Analyst IMay 3, 2012

Top UFC middleweight contender was recently interviewed by MMA-30's Dave Farra and shockingly, Chael did not have any compliments to go around. 

Sonnen talked about the venue change for his rematch with arch nemesis/UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (thanks to Bloody Elbow for the transcription): 

"I would love to be part of setting a record, you know... If I can be part of that, you know, I'd love to. ... But, the bottom line is the fight is in the octagon. Whatever city, whatever venue, whatever crowd, it doesn't matter. The fight's in the octagon and that's where we'll fight. It's a lot closer trip, don't forget he (Silva) doesn't live in Brazil; he lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills."

Just to clarify, Sonnen vs. Silva II was originally going to take place at UFC 147 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but the UFC announced last week that the bout will now move to UFC 148 due to issues with finding a suitable venue in Brazil

Sonnen then made sure his off and on feud with Wanderlei Silva continued:

"Every time Wanderlei fights I get the same feeling, sincerely. ‘Man, I hope he gets up and can walk out of the ring'. It's the same thing this time, you know, and I think he's got a big heart, I think he's got a tremendous place in martial arts from the wrasslin' he did over in Japan to the competitive stuff he did here. At the end of the day, this isn't work he can do."

Uncle Chael also took exception to Wanderlei driving a $200,000 Aston Martin, "what James Bond drove," likely because it's a car manufactured in Britain. 

In the rematch between "The Axe Murderer" and Vitor Belfort, Chael said "these two bums fought already" and picked Belfort to win in a round about way. 

In a separate clip, Sonnen took some shots at former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson:

"You know, I think he's got a place, but he's a crybaby, he's a real ‘poor me' guy. He comes in, he takes all the money, he takes all the money, he takes all the spotlight, and it's still not enough....You know, you think you have problems with Ryan Bader, you know don't even try that stuff with some of us that have, you know, kicked and scratched and clawed while you, you know, you've been eating at the trough for years. So, you know, ‘Rampage' has a place, but you know if he doesn't want to fight anymore, he doesn't have too."

Finally, Sonnen closed things out by giving his prediction for the UFC 148 main event, sparing no theatrics:

"I've got good news and I've got bad news, all right? The good news? The first punch I throw might not land. Bad news? There's five more coming right behind it. I will still be the man with the biggest arm, the greatest charm and that does the most harm. When all is said and done, I will stomp you for 25 minutes, or until you give up. And Bruce Buffer will once again announce 'And still undefeated .. and still undisputed ... and still Chael P. Sonnen."

Both clips are definitely worth watching in their entirety.