Minnesota Twins: A Baseball Team's Downward Spiral into Mediocrity

Nicholas GoedelContributor IIMay 3, 2012

ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 01:  Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire argues a call from the dugout against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the fourth inning at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on May 1, 2012 in Anaheim, California. The Angels defeated the Twins 4-0.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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Let's get this straight, what I am about to write is coming from a fan who is very upset. This year, which I will put very mildly, has been a disappointment. Our starting pitching has been so bad that I actually miss Boof Bonser.

I have two theories on why this team is bad. For one, the owners of the Twins (the Pohlads) told all of us if we build it, they will bring in free agents and keep our good talent. Let's just say that is false.

The 99 games we lost last year could have been prevented by at least bringing back either Jesse Crain or Matt Guerrier, but nope, we let them leave via free agency and then we all watched our bullpen implode.

Then we let the best closer to ever wear a Twins jersey (Joe Nathan) leave.

I just have to ask, did the Pohlads dupe us into believing we will actually see high-price talent? Or did they just want to rake in more money?

Here is my other theory.

I call it the curse of Joe Mauer, because Mauer signed his massive contract right before Target Field opened in 2010.

Yet it was an eight-year extension, so technically his contract didn't start until the 2010 season ended, which just so happened to be the last season the Twins won a division title. I am not saying Mauer is the person to blame, but I just find it a little funny that after Mauer started to make $23 million a year, the Twins are on pace to lose over 200 games between two seasons.

We are not even a week into May, and I am already looking forward to watching the Minnesota Lynx play this summer.

At least they know how to win.

A lot of people are calling for Ron Gardenhire to be fired, or at least pitching coach Rick Anderson to be fired. I am not going to go that far, just yet.

Baseball managers are very important, but at the same time, a baseball manager does not change the outcome of a game like lets say a football coach does.

If this team continues its slide, I would then make a managing change at the end of the season.

But would a new voice really change this team?

You have to take this team at face value. For one, when you call Carl Pavano your ace, you're in trouble. I like Pavano, but he is no Johan Santana.

The Minnesota Twins need to get back to the “Twins way."

Every Twins fan knows what the "Twins way" is.

It is executing the basics, like pitching to contact and playing spectacular defense.

Instead, this team is playing okay defense. Their starter ERA is another story—dead last in the majors.

If only we could go back to 2006 when we had Johan Santana who—at that time—was the best pitcher in Major League Baseball.

If Terry Ryan and the Pohlads want to continue to sell out Target Field, they need to make changes now.

Because if not the fans won't show up, it will look ugly seeing a 40,000-seat stadium only half full.

At the rate the Twins are going now, that might happen in June.