A Few NBA "What If's" from Recent Years

Daniel KCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

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So, these days. The Big Three in Boston dominate. The Lakers are elite without Shaq. J-Kidd and Nash are not the only talk about point guards. Allen Iverson is averaging only 18 ppg, yes thats right, ALLEN IVERSON. Kobe is passing, again that's right Kobe, Kobe Bryant.

Lebron is getting a little too much hype (wait, that's not new). The Hawks are winning. The Detroit Pistons are NOT playing D-e-e-t-r-o-i-t Basketb-a-a-ll. The Jazz have a point-foward one-two punch not named Stockton-Malone.

WAIT, WAIT!!! AI IS NOT SCORING, KOBE PASSING!! WHO in the world can compete with Nash and Kidd???

Well, many things happened. I guess some of those things I mentioned are things that were coming anyway, like the Nash/Kidd thing. But not everything might have happened that way, so I look back, and think what if this happened, how would the league be now, what if this happened, what if this, what if that..... hhmmmm.

2004- What would have happened if the Lakers won the NBA Finals, would Shaq and Kobe still be together?? Would the Pistons core have BEEN split up?? Well many things could've happened....

  • The Lakers could've went on to win a few more rings, drawing even more, what I think crazy, MJ-Kobe comparisons.
  • Kobe would not have scored his 81 point explosion, and not gotten sooo over-hyped by some, and would not have made sooo many Kobe lovers, and haters as well.
  • While D- Wade, The Glove, and Lonzo would not have gotten their rings.

The Pistons, what if they had not chosen Darko in '04???

  • They could have landed Melo, or Wade, or Bosh
  • They would not be better off with Melo, Bosh or Wade. They would actually be worse.
  • They would not have won the championship. The chemistry would not be there, with young guns like Wade, Melo, and Bosh, who were all sort of selfish players, like most all-stars are when entering the NBA. That would break the group, the team style, of everyone is just as good as the other.
  • The Pistons wouldn't have landed Rasheed Wallace, who was vital in their championship run.

What if Ron Artest never had that ugly brawl??

  • The Pacers were already a 60 win kind of team. They made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, and were neck and neck with the Pistons. So had Ron been there, they may have beaten Detroit, maybe even L.A.
  • Had they had success with Ron there, he may not have been traded away.
  • Ron Artest would not have as bad an image as he has right now.

What if Jamal Mashburn never got injured, and was healthy withe Philly in '05 and '06??

  • They would have been a contender
  • They would not have been a disappointment as they were in 06. AI stat line- 30-35 ppg, 7-8 apg, 2-3 spg throughout the season, C-Webb was good for 20 and 10. Add Mashburn to the mix, well you've got a team that could've made a push to the semis or conference finals in 06.
  • Had the Sixers stayed efficent, Iverson may have stayed put, and remained the talk of the league.

What if Kobe was traded to the Bulls??

  • The Bulls would not be contenders, but at least be better.
  • Chicago Bulls jersey sales would fly up
  • The Lakers would not be elite
  • The Bulls would not have their young gun, Derrick Rose

What if the Cavaliers never let go of Carlos Boozer??

  • James statistics would not be so high
  • James and Boozers teams would not have needed to wait a few years before their teams are contenders.
  • There wouldn't be a new Point/Foward duo in Utah similar to that of Stockton/Malone.

What if Glibert Arenas stayed healthy??

  • The Wiz would have been better
  • The Cavs may not have won the series last season in the playoffs.
  • The Wiz could have been worse actually, or at least last season. They were better without Gil.
  • They may have not won so many times and gave so much trouble every time to the Celtics.

What if Allen Iverson was not the early Christmas Gift for Denver in the 07 season?? What if the Wolves had enough money to get Iverson????

  • The Answer would be with a team like the Grizz, Bulls, Hawks, Celtics
  • Had Iverson landed in Boston, the Boston Big Three today would not be. Although with an Iverson/Pierce combo, the C's would still be an elite. While KG and Ray would still be looking for a contender to go to.
  • If AI went to a team like the Grizz, they would not have their young guns, like Mayo or Gay.
  • Andre Miller would still be in Denver, while the Pistons core might still be together.
  • AI plus KG one-two punch. Just think aboutit. Iverson and Garnett are the perfect fit for one another. KG would not give a hoot if he averaged 20 points or 2 points, as long as they win. While this would benefit Iverson. It would let AI be AI, because KG would be averaging about 15 points and still be a threat, taking away pressure from Iverson, but allowing Iverson to put more pressure on the opposing team. Iverson's stats would still be 30-35 ppg, 7-8 apg, and 2-3 spg. His stats could be even better than they were in Philly. Each Iverson and Garnett are unguardable, or at least inside the paint for Garnett's case. Iverson is in his prime to this day, so by now the Wolves would have won the championship possibly more than once. Iverson or Garnett would each have one at least one MVP, hard to choose between the two of which is more valuable, although my guess would be AI, because he is the one would came to the team and they started winning. Iverson would continue to get more MVP's, scoring titles, steals titles, and All NBA 1st Team Honors. The Iverson fans will be crying forever because this deal didn't go down. It would let Iverson's stats be the same or better while his team is winning.

Sooo... those were alot of things that could've went down. Some things could've been horrible, some could've been great. But one way or the other they would be amazing. Bryant a Bull. Wade a Piston.

Just imagine Iverson and KG! Well guys thanks for reading, I appreciate it. Please leave a comment to let me know how I did, remember this was only my third article on Bleacher Report.


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