Atlanta Braves: 5 Reasons Chipper Jones Will Go out with a Bang in 2012

Daniel Mano Herberholz@danielmanoherbCorrespondent IMay 7, 2012

Atlanta Braves: 5 Reasons Chipper Jones Will Go out with a Bang in 2012

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    Already on his way to the Hall of Fame, Atlanta Braves hero Chipper Jones will make a splash in his final season.

    Jones may not have his best statistical year (which was undeniably the MVP season of 1999), but he'll certainly make a huge different for the Braves this year before he retires.

    Jones has proved over his 19-year career that he may be the best third baseman in MLB history. And as such, he's bound to have a magnificent season in his final metaphoric lap around the bases.

Chipper Jones Comes Up Big

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    What better way to start a list of ways Chipper Jones will go out with a bang than a game-winning blast against the Philadelphia Phillies?

    Tied at 13-all in the 11th inning, Jones slapped a two-run homer to deep center to secure an Atlanta Braves victory.

    His slam landed right above the “This is Braves Country” outfield sign.

    That itself is a sign that Jones dominates Atlanta, and he’ll continue to in his last hurrah.

Chipper Jones Wants to Get Back to the Playoffs

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    Chipper Jones was a major part of the Atlanta Braves’ 14 straight division titles.

    He’ll want to bring some of that glory to the team’s current clubhouse, as the Braves have only been to the playoffs once since that streak.

    Jones will do everything he can to get into the postseason tournament in his last season.

Chipper Jones Helps the Braves Win

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    Chipper Jones knows how important he is to the Atlanta Braves.

    The Braves are 11-4 on the year with him in the lineup and 4-7 without him.

    Not only that, Atlanta hasn't lost a game when Jones has reached base.

    Jones knows how to be a leader, and he'll continue that leadership in his final season.

Chipper Jones Autocorrects Like an IPhone

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    Whenever his batting average dips, Chipper Jones finds a way to bring it back up.

    Six times in his career, his average has lessened from one season to the next. However, he’s improved it 10 times.

    That includes just one dip (albeit an entire .100 from his career best in 2008 to .264 in 2009) in the last seven years.

    Once pitchers think they have Jones figured out, he figures them out.

Chipper Jones Doing the One-Teamers Proud

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    Chipper Jones is the only active non-New York Yankees player who’s played 17-plus seasons with the same team.

    He has to make the one-teamers proud.

    Drafted as the first overall pick in 1990 by the Atlanta Braves, Jones is one of the last players who stuck around.

    In the age of free agency, Jones' status as club sage is past. However, he has one more season to prove himself, and he’s sure to go out on top.