Bring Back The Attitude

Mike AdamouContributor IJanuary 29, 2009

10 years ago the then named "WWF" set off in a direction that would bring some of the most memorable moments in television, flatten their competitors and literally change the face of the company forever. It was aptly named the "Attitude Era". After WWF purchased its competition of WCW many people expected a bigger and better era with new characters and feuds they never thought possible.. this however turned out not to be the case as the WWF made the terrible move of not buying the big guys contracts to go with the company.

An invasion angle followed but fell flat as quick as it took off, reason being, that the WWF was competing against an invading WCW lacking of star names. So lacking infact that the WWF had to write into the storylines for some of their own well established top stars to jump ship (e.g. Kurt Angle & Stone Cold).

The months that followed were effectively the end of the Attitude era and the beginning of a more cautious, media wary, renamed WWE.

My point of this article is to address something that everyone misses, everyone wants to see return and the reason for most if not everyone started watching wrestling for in the first place.. The Attitude Era

The "new" good guys of the WWE today are popular, John Cena, Batista, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy (up until last week), are all the top good guys of the company that wern't either with the company in the attitude era or weren't main eventers.

The problem with these guys is they don't have, and excuse the pun, attitude! The Rocks and Stone Colds before them were good guys, but they still had that edge, they still had that mean streak, yes they were good guys, fan favorites, but if anyone messed with them, they didn't care who they had to go through to get to them.

Nowadays the likes of John Cena and Batista are portrayed to be really nice guys, yeah they make them look tough, and they have to a certain extent a mean side, but its always predictable, and never has that edge to it.

Perhaps that's another point I should raise, the predictability in the WWE is unbelievable blatant in the booking and shows. Perhaps publishing this article now you may not see it, as the road to WrestleMania seems to be the time they like to try a bit harder to stop this but WWE's programs are very straightforward. Its like they book them in blocks.
An example of this would be, if you see a promo video for a wrestler, perhaps a video hyping Kozlov as the "mean bad ass Russian", you can almost guarantee he will be involved in the show straight after that video.

Let me explain this further with a totally random made up example:
Kozlov video—Out comes Khali to talk about last night's dinner—guess who then interrupts... Kozlov! Oh my god JR never see that one coming!

It is just so unbelievably blatant, and unless a WWE writer reads this article and does something about it I would like all my readers to take note of this next time your watching Raw, Smackdown or ECW and see what I mean. The rule seems to be do everything linear in WWE, why not mix things up a bit? Keep us guessing!

We don't want to see hype videos for a "returning Umaga", we would have you not tell us he's coming back and spring him into the Royal Rumble or have him do a run out. Look at the reaction RVD got, I bet if WWE aired a promo that week on Raw saying "RVD returns... Royal Rumble!" he wouldn't have got that sort of reaction, don't get me wrong he's a popular wrestler and would have been heavily cheered, but the element of surprise amped up the crowds emotions times ten!

A prime example of this is what is going on now, everyone says Christian is coming back, everyone's guessing when, its building more hype because of this. If WWE aired a promo telling us when hes coming back or even just telling us he is at all, most would probably think "oh cool i'll probably watch out for him then".

Whereas that element of surprise, that element of not knowing whats gonna happen next, that's whats gets the audiences attention. It works in all walks of life, if the team you don't follow played in a football match earlier that day ad the highlight were on that night, you would be more likely to watch the game if you didn't know the result. Unpredictability is ten times stronger in the wrestling world.

I'm trying to not drift off topic too much, this article was to try to help promote a return of the attitude era, but I just had to point out some of the problems which occurred after it.

Come on WWE, we want a Kane that's mysterious and kicks ass, that doesn't job to midcarders. We want Degenerate Shawn Michaels that we think is a playboy, we don't want to know if he has a wife and kids, we want him to be the Heartbreak Kid!

Give us a HHH that can fued with a Rock, a John Cena that isn't a softy on the inside. A Batista that doesn't want to be a "nice guy" outside the ring. Oh and dammit, drop the whole PG rating! What are they going to do next ban blood? (or have they done that already?) Don't they know that they have some of the most beautiful women on TV and that "sex sells"!

Apologies if this article drifted off at any point, but I hope you get my point, WWE needs some attitude, and the sooner the better in my opinion.