Top Moments In 2008 Gator Football

Princess CooperCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

Now this may just be casual reading for the serious Gator fan. I surmise other college fans maybe going through Gator fatigue at this point.
Anyway, this was tough for me. Considering the level of passion for my Alma Mata. It was be hard to narrow the moments down to a few. But, I thought it a bigger injustice to not voice my top moments at all.
I hope other Gator fans can identify with some of them. It was a magical season and I must say I didn't see it coming. I definitely hoped for it but no clairvoyance like Kirk Herbstreit.

1. Orange and Blue game and ESPN game day being there
Even though Georgia had gotten all the preseason hype, it was obvious to me that we had something special, even at that point. At that point, it was just great to be a Gator. 
2. Tebow's apology
A lot has been said and documented about this moment. I for one didn't see it until a week later. I personally boycott TV and ESPN and all sports shows after my Gators lose. But, once I heard of it. I immediately searched it and thought it to be a moment in sports that was most gentleman like and genuine.
3. Arkansas Game
Realizing with the rest of Gatornation that we had something special besides Harvin in the names of Demps and Rainey
4. Tipped ball and 70-yard touchdown by Harvin on the third play of the game against LSU
There was so much talk about LSU's defense and how they were going to stop our offense. Even our own local reporters thought it would be a close game and then won by the Bayou Tigers
5. Kentucky Game
Besides it being Homecoming and just a festive atmosphere, there is no way that you couldn't get a excited about two consecutive blocked punts. You could see the moods of the Kentucky players deflate. From that game on, we anticipated having a block punt or kick in every game. It didn't happen of course in every game but the standard had been set.
6. Brandon Spikes hit on Knowshon Moreno
It set the tone for the rest of the game. And, the coaching staff's reaction to that hit was priceless. The fact that Spikes lingered there and talked a little smack was awesome too!
7. Time outs called by Urban Meyer in the last minute of the game
I think a class reaction to a classless act by the Richt and Dawgs in 2007. The Dawgs and staff deserved every bit of that game. No nasty deed will go unpunished Dawg fans!
8. Seeing the Georgia fans leave the stadium in the fourth quarter
It had been a most talked about game and had National Championship implications. And, of course I thought the Dawg fans were exceptionally obnoxious that day. As we like to say in Gatornation, "Preseason No.1 and still falling."
9. The "Ole Ball Coach" comes to town
Lots of hype over this one and the strength of the Gamecocks' Defense against the No. 1 scoring offense. The factor hear that no one considered or at least no one fully discussed was that Smelly and Garcia did not previously perform to caliber of SEC QB. And, their play put their strong defense in insurmountable situations that they could not recover from.
Percy Harvin's 80 yard touchdown run on the first play to begin the second half. There was no doubt after that play that there would be no coming back by SC on that day. It was that game that made me think this could really be a special year.
10. Tebow's performance in the rain
His play and the entire offense's play during the game was outstanding. For the Gators, the rain did not matter and did not become the equalizer as Bobby Bowden and Mick Andrews wanted.
11. SEC Championship Game and all of the fourth quarter
Tebow was a monster. His play, his passion, and his resolve was/is unmatched. And, I have watched college football for quite sometime. Tebow and company owned the fourth quarter and David Nelson became a go to WR.
12. Southeast Championship Game and the look of intensity on Harvin's face
Harvin was relegated to cheerleader status for the game. And, then the congratulatory hug and moment between he and Tebow after the game. Truly what the sense of teamwork and camaraderie really means.
13. Tebow walking through the whole team during warm-ups and encouraging every player and touching every player on the team.
Enough said.
14. Major Wright's hit on Oklahoma's WR
That was a welcome to the SEC hit for sure. I thought at that point that there was no way that Bradford and company would put up 60 points against the the Gator's D.
15. Torrey Davis hit on Oklahoma's Brown on fourth and one.
Can I just say, "Torrey Davis?" Wow, I hope that catapults you to the next level in class and on the field next year.
16. Third and 12 in the fourth quarter against Oklahoma and Tebow threads the ball into David Nelson.
You knew we were on to trying to finish that game.
17. Jump pass to David Nelson in the end-zone to put the Gators up 9 and eventually by 10 with PAT.
I finally thought at that point that we were going to win our second NC in three years. There had been so much talk about the game and so many opinions. And, truly so many of us in Gatornation respected Bob Stoops. But, thank you Urban Meyer, Jeremy Foley, and all the Gator Players who put so much into this year.
18. Tebow's first personal foul
A personal foul I assume for taunting Nic Harris. It's about time Tebow! Please talk a little smack!
19. The moments between Charlie Strong and his defense
We cannot discount what Strong has meant to the success of Gator Football.
20. Dan Mullen walking off the field heading into the world of Miss State
Thank you Coach Mullen for it all. There were times when we questioned you, but what a year?