Manny Pacquiao: Timothy Bradley Crazy to Say He Can Beat Pac-Man and Mayweather

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2012

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 21:  Timothy Bradley speaks at a press conference announcing his upcoming World Boxing Organization welterweight championship fight against  Manny Pacquiao at The Beverly Hills Hotel on February 21, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Timothy Bradley has been quite vocal about his upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao, but it's getting to the point of insanity. 

Not only is the young boxer naïve in believing he can beat Pac-Man, now he says he has what it takes to beat Floyd Mayweather, Jr. after he takes down Pacquiao. 

According to Chris Robinson of the Examiner, Bradley says both boxers are beatable:

He’s beatable. Floyd Mayweather is beatable too. He’s the next one on my list, after I take care of Pacquiao, I’m going to take care of Floyd Mayweather next.

Hold your horses right there, young man. Pac-Man and Money Mayweather have been at this game much longer than you, and these remarks are certainly not needed. 

There's no denying that Pacquiao and Mayweather are the top fighters in the world today, and everyone is hoping they'll go head to head in the ring someday. The hope is that the two of them fight before Bradley ever gets a shot at Mayweather.  

It's great that Bradley is so confident, as all boxers need to have that type of swagger to them, but he is crossing the line with these comments. 

Bradley is losing it here. He needs to keep his focus on Pacquiao, and claiming that he could also beat Pretty Boy Floyd shows his immaturity.

Now is not the time for Bradley to be looking ahead. Unfortunately, he continues to run his mouth, and it's only a matter of time before he eats his words.  

I do commend Bradley for promoting himself as much as he can before his fight with Pacquiao, but he keeps making outlandish and ridiculous statements. 

The more he talks, the deeper the hole he continues to dig for himself. 

Meanwhile, Pacquiao is sitting back and watching this all unfold. He knows all too well that once he and Bradley step in the ring, it's time to let the hands do the talking. 

Bradley's words mean nothing to Pacquiao right now, and upon hearing this, one would imagine Mayweather just laughed it off. 

Hopefully Bradley won't make any more outrageous comments leading up to his June 9 fight with Pacquiao. But from what we've learned so far, the kid loves to talk, and that's not a good thing. 



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