Hulk Hogan Sex Tape: If It Gets Out, Will It Help or Hurt His Image?

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Hulk Hogan Sex Tape: If It Gets Out, Will It Help or Hurt His Image?
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Screen shots of an alleged Hulk Hogan sex tape have surfaced and the entire video might soon follow. Naturally, the Hulkster is livid and attempting to block the tape from hitting the Internet.

It’s certainly not going to help his reputation.

But on the other hand, it’s really not going to hurt him either.

In fact, it won’t do anything. Not a thing.

Why not?

Easy answer: no one cares.

It’s Hulk Hogan we’re talking about. The wrestler—real name Terry Bollea—is 58 years old. I can’t imagine many people needing to fill the desire to watch a 58-year-old man—let alone Hulk Hogan—perform a sexual act (no offense to the 58-year-olds out there).

Another factor working against Hogan (or for him?) is the fact that he’s a male.

The majority of WWE fans—and, let’s be honest, fans of porn—are men. I doubt many in the WWE Universe will have a moment in which they think to themselves, “I wonder what the Hulkster looks like in this sex tape. I want to check it out.”

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Hogan isn’t a Diva.

A former WWE star faced the exact same situation just a little while ago. You might think I’m talking about Chyna, but I’m not.

I'm talking about Sean Waltman, AKA X-Pac.

News broke that Chyna starred in a leaked sex tape. Since then, there’s been dozens of articles about Chyna’s fall from grace and her new career choices.

But Waltman was in the original tape with her. In fact, he filmed it and may have even come up with the tape’s official name, “A Day in China.”

Yet, he catches no flack.

Hardly anyone, if anyone at all, tuned in to check out X-Pac. It takes two to tango and Waltman was the partner, but everyone focused on Chyna.

Case in point, no male WWE fan cares to check out a former male WWE wrestler doing the duty.

If the tape is released, what does it do to Hulk Hogan's legacy?

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In another example, how many refer to one of the most infamous celebrity sex tapes in recent years as “Ray J’s sex tape?”

No one.

It’s Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. It’s Chyna’s sex tape. It's always the female's sex tape, unfortunately for them.

Should anyone feel the necessity to review the tape—assuming it’s released—you can bet they’re looking for one of two things.

There will be those who look just to look.

They’ll watch for kicks and giggles, in hopes of creating a talking point, a joke for friends and blogs, something to hang over Hogan’s head and poke fun about.

The second aspect people will watch and judge Hogan by is the attractiveness of his counterpart.

Again, the WWE Universe is made up mostly of males. You can bet, most won’t tune in to see Hogan.

Unless Hogan is well below average and his lady friend is ungodly unattractive, there’s nothing to talk about and we can all move on.

My last point is my most important.

Chyna purposely released her sex tape. It was almost as if it was a feeler to see how the world would respond. Clearly, she felt it was a success because she’s now a full-fledged member of the pornography industry.

Hogan didn’t pretend this was an “accident.”

Looking at the screen shots (yes, I looked) it’s seems pretty evident the video and pictures were taken from some sort of hidden device.

Is it damaging to his reputation if Hogan performs an adult act with a consenting individual in what he thought was a private atmosphere.

If it comes out that Hogan did it on purpose, fans can certainly judge him and they’d have the right to.

But if he didn’t, if instead some shady individual filmed it and posted it all over the Internet, Hogan gets a free pass.

It’s not even really a sex tape at that point. Instead, it’s a complete violation of one’s privacy.

True wrestling fans will always remember Hogan as the Main Event—the wrestler who not only dominated the industry, but changed it forever.

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