Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Players Need to Meet Eric LeGrand, Follow His Example

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMay 3, 2012

Greg Schiano believes in Eric LeGrand (photo courtesy scarletknights.com)
Greg Schiano believes in Eric LeGrand (photo courtesy scarletknights.com)

The U.S. Navy Seals like to say "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday."

For Eric LeGrand, the newest member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there are no easy days, and there really aren't any in sight.

Even Wednesday wasn't easy, although he was surprised, honored and remembered by his college coach, Greg Schiano, who spear-headed the free agent signing of the gentle giant who spends his days in and out of a wheel chair.

The nation took notice on Wednesday. The Buccaneers haven't been on the nightly news since they won the Super Bowl. On Wednesday, everyone noticed, and everyone saluted the wonderful gesture.

What needs to happen next is that the rostered players of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have no wheels on their chairs need to take a long hard look at the life of LeGrand. They need to study his demeanor, his attitude, his will, his want-to, his desire to walk again when most say that won't happen.

Gerald McCoy needs to think about LeGrand the next time he thinks it's really getting hot on the field in September. Aqib Talib needs to think about LeGrand, study his life, then do something about the train wreck that he seems to continually make of his own.

Don't feel sorry for Brian Price. Price needs to get over his hamstrings and get it in gear. LeGrand just wishes he had hamstring problems.

Da'Quan Bowers needs to contemplate what LeGrand has accomplished. Eric can breathe on his own, he's sitting up, with difficulty, but he fights through it. He can stand, with help, but he wants to stand on his own. Most of all, he simply wants to walk. Bowers needs to pay close attention to the new No. 52.

Quincy Black needs to take that Adonis body of his and learn to do something with it. If he puts in half the effort LeGrand goes through in rehab, then Black could be an All-Pro. LeGarrette Blount needs to work at his game the way LeGrand works at rehab. Same for Jeremy Trueblood.

Those players left over from last year's "Loaf Regime" need to take some time and learn to put out the effort young Eric LeGrand has to put out just to sit up.

LeGrand plans to come to Tampa when he can. He plans to talk to his teammates about his life.

When he does, they need to pay close attention. Real close attention.

Last year, there were nothing but excuses for failure and incompetence.

This year, there will be no excuses. Eric LeGrand has none, he just keeps working, grinding, rehabbing, determined he will walk one day.

It's time for this team to have that kind of determination.

Isn't it?