The 12 Most Average NFL Fan Bases

Leo HayesCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

Well, we've seen the best and worst, so who is mediocre? Who has absolutely no claim to fame?

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I picked 12 so all 32 teams will get mentioned (I will only use teams not used on the other two lists so that everyone feels included).

The numbers in parentheses are the overall rankings.

12(22). Chargers

The Chargers have been a good team for a while now. They have made the playoffs numerous times this year. Their fans don't stand out. Who are Chargers fans?

11(21). Titans

Sorry guys, even though you won 10 straight this year, you aren't well known.

The Titans have been an average team for a while now, and their not too distant past is all too forgotten.

Ironically, the thing the Titans are most well known for is stepping on the terrible towel. Kinda makes you a bit unknown.

10(21). Colts

Not a good showing by the AFC South, no one breaks the top 20.

The Colts have (very arguably) the best quarterback playing right now. They have been in the playoffs for what, ten straight years. They have had 12 wins in seven straight seasons.

Again, the Colts fans do nothing to set themselves apart, I suppose that is why they are right about the middle of being mediocre.

9(19). Vikings

The best running back in the league doesn't get the fans excited anymore.

They play good defense, but don't have a quarterback. I guess this proves the point that offense sells tickets.

8(18). Giants

Come on New York, you won the Super Bowl last year.

How many fans exist for the Giants outside of New York or New Jersey? I'd wager about four.

I have met a whopping one Giants fan in my life, and I met him during the playoffs last year. There really doesn't seem to be much more than a base for this mediocre group of fans.

7(17). Saints

I guess I was wrong when I said offense sells tickets.

The Saints have one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He almost broke Dan Marino's single-season passing record this year.

I guess winning championships helps to sell tickets, so offense and defense sell tickets, but defense still wins championships. Advantage: defense.

6(16). Dolphins

Congratulations Miami!!! You are (un)officially at the apex, the very most supremely mediocre, the epitome of ordinary, the embodiment of the undifferentiated.

The exact center of the NFL.

This is actually not that bad, considering the Dolphins had several very bad seasons in a row. This season might help them out over all, but as it stands, the Dolphins win the award for the most average team.

5(15). Bucs

The Bucs won the Super Bowl in 2003. They haven't done much since then. The have a fan base, but at this point it isn't too dedicated.

Maybe they should take a tip from the other pirate themed NFL team and just act crazy and wear battle armor to each game.

4(14). Lions

I said I wouldn't do this, but I have to. I have to give respect to Detroit.

True, they do not have many fans, but coming off of an 0-16 season having any is quite an accomplishment. Just imagine what would have happened if they finished 0-0-16. By Donovan McNabb's logic they would tie for the Super Bowl. I had to do it.

Now this would leave the Cards out of the list somewhere, so put them in the Lion's former spot, where ESPN put them, dead last.

3(13). Bears

The Bears do not have a quarterback. Again, offense sells tickets, so this makes sense for them not to be in the top 10. But according to my previous logic defense should sell tickets too because it wins championships. Wait, that didn't work here. Back to a draw on the old argument.

Realistically the Bears fans are pretty loyal considering their team hasn't been very good for a long time (2006 excluded).

2(12). Patriots

Well now we're getting into some of the better fan bases.

Patriots, this one is for you, you have won three championships in the last three decades and are beginning to establish a pretty good fan base.

It is too early to tell how loyal these fans will be. If the Pats don't win a Super Bowl in the next five years, we will truly know how good these fans are.

1(11). Ravens

Congratulations Baltimore!!! You were good, but not good enough to be great, and yet not mediocre enough to be considered the best at something. Kinda sucks, doesn't it?

The Ravens fans are actually among the more loyal in the league, the travel almost as well as the two better fan bases in the division and are establishing themselves as one of the better groups of fans.

The Ravens relative youth as compared to the remainder of the NFL also makes it hard to peg where to place their fan base. Most of their fans have been alive since the beginning of the franchise, so their traditions haven't even been created yet.

The Ravens recent successes should help them build themselves as a great fan base.

Check back in 10 years.

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