NHL Playoffs: Watch Marian Gaborik Score in Triple Overtime in Game 3

Isaac SmithAnalyst IMay 3, 2012

Marian Gaborik ended the 20th longest game in NHL history at 14:41 of the third overtime early this morning, as the New York Rangers knocked off the Washington Capitals in triple overtime.

Gaborik took a feed from Brad Richards and stuffed it in from right on the doorstep of the crease.

Richards, behind the net, spotted a wide open Gaborik, who made no mistake and ended the game.

This goal marked Gaborik's second point of the game, but first goal since his first game of the playoffs.

Gaborik finished the season with 41 goals, so his lack of scoring since Game 1 of the quarterfinals had to have been weighing on his coach's mind to some extent.

But going back to the goal, Gaborik should have never been so wide open. After a Brad Richards shot was deflected into the far corner by Braden Holtby, things began to unravel for the Capitals.

Capitals' defenseman Karl Alzner chased the deflected shot to the corner boards, where he was beaten to the puck by Rangers' Dan Giardi.

This left Capitals defenseman John Carlson in front of the net by himself.

After Giardi beat Alzner to the puck, he wired a pass around the end boards to Brad Richards. Carlson, seeing Richards with the puck and knowing him to be an excellent passer tried to get to Richards, took the wrong way around the net to get to Richards, arriving late and leaving Marian Gaborik wide open for a tap in.

Jay Beagle and Troy Brouwer were just a second late in trying to block Gaborik's shot. But on a fundamental level there should always be one defenseman in front of the net; this was very uncharacteristic as far as NHL defensemen are concerned.

When looking at this game, most of the statistics were fairly even, but the one that jumped out was giveaways.

The Capitals gave the puck away 27 times, compared to only 10 giveaways by the Rangers. In the overtime periods, these giveaways essentially gave away the game.

The Capitals tossed the puck around like it was candy at Halloween, giving the Rangers ample opportunities to score on the rookie goaltender Braden Holtby.

For a while, neither goaltender was giving an inch, making huge save after huge save in overtime.

Thankfully—for all of us fans watching on television—Gaborik finally ended the game, after 54 minutes and 41 seconds of overtime.


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