WWE's 20 Best T-Shirt Designs in Catalog/Shopzone History

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 3, 2012

WWE's 20 Best T-Shirt Designs in Catalog/Shopzone History

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    Wearing WWE t-shirts is a big part of the WWE experience.  Fans show their allegiances and support their heroes with their choice of attire. 

    Ideally, one can back their favorite wrestler while still looking cool. 

    WWE has put out some hideous shirts and some that every fan wants to own. 

    Taking into account the style, the general aesthetics and the use of color and text, here are the most desirable and most handsome WWE t-shirts out there.  

Honorable Mention

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    Original DX: The silver and black simple design that sold like crazy.   

    Brodus Clay: The front is forgettable, but the design of the back is educational and entertaining. 

    Triple H Hammer: A touch too MMA bro style, but has a stunning drawing of a demonic Triple H

    Eddie Guerrero Tribute: Eddie's mug on a red background; only the heartless would bag on this shirt.

20. Double Fist

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    Being straightedge might not seem cool to a lot of people, but those drug-free kids sure have an awesome-looking symbol. 

    The straightedge "X" across two over-sized fists is eye-catching.

    CM Punk could have continued to wear this as his signature shirt and it would have likely stood the test of time.  Punk both with his gimmick and his merchandise is always shifting and evolving.

    This logo appears in various forms in future shirts.  The original is loud and rocking.  

19. Lil Jimmy

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    R-Truth's bizarre imaginary sidekick is given a cartoon face with this youthful design.

    Some wrestling elitists may scoff at the childishness of this shirt, but not every shirt can be some in-your-face Stone Cold reference. 

    This is silly and fun.

    The colors are electric against the black and the depiction of Lil' Jimmy is a perfect blend of old-school comic books and tongue-in-cheek urban design.  

18. DX Member

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    While the original DX shirt is more famous and has more historical significance, their more recent "World's Biggest Member" shirt has a more visually appealing design.

    Cartoon versions of Triple H and Shawn Michaels let out a battle cry in front of a gritty green USA/DX hybrid flag. 

    Admittedly, this is more suited for younger fans, but juvenile humor aside, it's a fun and vivid shirt.

    If you're doing crotch chops anyway, a silly penis joke on the back of your shirt may not bother you so much.  

17. Hot Rod

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    A few car enthusiasts have likely purchased these shirts second-hand, thinking they were celebrating custom roadsters.

    Regardless if they knew or not, they were sporting one of the best-designed wrestling shirts ever.

    Screaming yellow fades into Kool-Aid red on lightning inspired lettering. 

    Though Roddy Piper often wore this with a mullet and a kilt, that's not an advisable choice for most people.  Piper's star power allowed him to wear whatever he wanted. 

    Even if this had been produced for a wrestler with half the charisma as Piper, this would have still been a great shirt.  

16. Hulkamania

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    Few colors are more strongly associated with one wrestler than Hulk Hogan is with yellow and red. 

    It was a no-brainer to design his WWE shirt with those colors dominating.

    It's a great contrast and yellow is an underused color that looks good on a lot of people.

    The font is reminiscent of a horror movie poster, but in this context it simply looks powerful and unforgettable.  

15. NWO

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    It's hard to separate what this shirt stood for and the quality of the design.

    Were someone to have no idea what the New World Order was or what Scott Hall is doing with his fingers in this photo, they wouldn't fully appreciate this understated shirt.

    Gray on black is a good color scheme for this.  

    The rough-around-the-edges lettering is fitting as well.

    This stamp, the logo of one of the biggest, most influential stables of all time, was well crafted. 

    The group originated in WCW, of course, but WWE tried to rekindle the group and their marketable attire along with it.   

14. Nexus

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    Though the stable's storyline fizzled out in the end, Nexus was one of the most intriguing and surprising storylines in years. 

    Had their members not been sporting these sweet shirts, maybe it wouldn't have taken off as much as it did.

    Many fans wanted to put one of these on regardless of how they felt about Wade Barrett and company.

    With the simple yet unforgettable quality of a corporate logo, the Nexus logo stands alone without further text or fussiness. 

    The crisp yellow on black combination is a winner.

13. Broski

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    To accommodate all the Zack Ryder fans who bought into his hype in 2011, WWE came up with a fun, well-designed t-shirt. 

    The purple, yellow and neon blue are eye-catching, but even with all its cartoonish goofiness, this isn't too busy of a design.

    Ryder's trademark spiked hair, headband and glasses sit vibrantly on the black background.

    Long Island Iced Z fans can show their support for him in style.  

12. Stone Cold

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    CM Punk brought this shirt back in fashion when he wore it for his infamous rant against WWE. 

    It's one of many great Steve Austin shirts and one that gets straight to the point.

    No catchphrases needed here.

    This just features faded blue letters and a simple skull design.  Sometimes you don't need more than that. 

    You're probably noticing a pattern of black shirt and bright lettering.  When you find a winning formula, stick to it.  

11. Latino Heat

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    WWE is not the first company to rip off Scarface's classic movie poster

    But if you're going to plagiarize a design, this is an excellent choice.  Pairing one of the most popular movies of all time with one of the most popular wrestlers of all time is a win-win situation. 

    Who wouldn't want to have Eddie Guerrero's smiling face on a shirt?                     

    The red letters at the top add a perfect touch of color to the otherwise black and white design.  

10. New Nexus

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    Marrying CM Punk imagery with the Nexus' original design creates a beautiful baby. 

    With too much yellow, this could have been too bumblebee-like, but here the yellow acts as a strong accent. 

    It made plenty of fans want to become proud members of the New Nexus. 

    This could be even better had the cartoon of CM Punk on the back been less inaccurate. 

    A crude, sketch would have been fine, but this looks more like a dude you might see at a punk show rather than CM Punk himself.  

9. Brahma Bull

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    WWE improved upon the Rock's bull tattoo by giving it a broad outline and a delicious blue to contrast with the red eyes.

    The shirt needs no text.  If you don't know this symbol, you probably don't watch wrestling.    

    The washed-out look adds to its appeal. 

    This could have easily have been something from Old Navy, blending a retro look with modern sensibilities.

8. Rise Above Hate

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    When a split WWE crowd chants, "Let's go Cena!" then "Cena sucks!" I am always a vocal member of the latter group.

    Still, I thought long and hard about buying this shirt despite my misgivings about John Cena.

    Not only is "Rise Above Hate" Cena's greatest motto, but the execution of this design is flawless.

    Big, loud letters with a subtle nod to the colors of the U.S. flag pop out on this shirt.

7. CM Punk-Best in the World

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    For whatever reason, lightning bolts are generally cool. 

    Stick one in a taped and "X"ed fist and you have one of the most memorable designs in recent WWE history. 

    The flag in the background is the Chicago flag, but it actually looks a lot like the Syrian flag.

    The scratched and fade look gives the design another layer.   

    It has been one of the best-selling and more popular non-John Cena shirts WWE has sold recently.  

6. Daniel Bryan

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    The "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Daniel Bryan shirts are hot right now, but they're not as spectacular looking as these older ones.

    WWEshop.com doesn't sell these anymore.

    Now that Bryan fanbase is growing and heading to superstardom, it'd be a good idea to reissue these beauties. 

    Video game-esque letters pop out on the gray background.  A rough sketch of a wrestling ring sits at the center. 

    This simple and universal design is an emphatic success.   

5. John Cena 8-Bit

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    The strange thing about this shirt is that it stirs up nostalgia and wistfulness for those who grew up playing NES, but John Cena's main fanbase is far too young to appreciate the reference.

    Maybe they see it as some interesting-looking, antique design.

    The concept is brilliant and fun, and the execution delivers. 

    The beauty is in the details.

    Cena's "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" motto is featured as a gold seal.  The back shows fans how to perform the Five Knuckle Shuffle. 

4. Austin 3:16

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    This is a case of simplicity at its best.

    WWE turned Steve Austin's rant against Jake Roberts at King of the Ring 1996 into one of the most marketable shirts ever made.   

    They didn't overdo the graphics, letting bold lettering pop against the black t-shirt. 

    The back features a simple yet striking laughing skull design. 

    This shirt inspired some hilarious imitations as well.

    On a list of iconic WWE shirts, this ranks at the top.  In terms of design, just a handful rank above it.    

3. Sin Cara

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    If Sin Cara never pans out with WWE, if he is known forever as a failed project and botch artist, he'll at least have this stellar shirt as part of his legacy.

    WWE could have just pasted Sin Cara's mask on a shirt and called it a day.

    Instead, they ran with a funky design that evokes memories of an old circus poster.

    The baby blue is a perfect color choice, providing a great contrast with the red and yellow.  The stars and text add to the excitement.  

2. Edge-Rise Above

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    WWE needs to rehire the artist behind this shirt.

    A stylized version of Edge's arm squeezing a heart is part tattoo style and part Mike Mignola-inspired artwork. 

    The offset design amps up the level of cool as well. 

    If there ever was a wrestling shirt you'd be proud to wear in an anti-wrestling crowd, this Edge shirt is it.  It could just as easily be a shirt for a punk band.  

1. Macho Man

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    Capturing Randy Savage's coolness on a shirt may seem impossible, but WWE did just that with this shirt.

    One of Savage's biggest trademarks, his sunglasses, are immortalized here.  Fitting Savage in their reflection was a brilliant move and perfectly executed. 

    Those glasses and the thick, bold type are all that's needed. 

    This comes in purple, yellow and pink versions as well.