The Real Super Bowl Debate: What Songs Will Bruce Springsteen Play?

Angelo SolomitaContributor IJanuary 29, 2009

While we wait to see how things play out on the field, there will definitely be one sure-fire star on Super Bowl Sunday who will not disappoint: The Boss.

The Super Bowl will be the perfect exclamation point to what has been a busy year for Bruce Springsteen. There was the highly successful Magic Tour, a few Grammy's, a Golden Globe, a Guitar Hero appearance, and now a new album Working on a Dream.

Not to mention his campaigning with Barack Obama and powerful performance during inauguration weekend.  

Here's a quick guide to what Bruce might have in store on Sunday.  

"Born to Run"

Pros: Perhaps his most well-known song and one of the greatest songs of All-Time.  I always thought Born to Run Live was one of the best five minutes you could ever ask for. "Tramps like us, Baby we were Born to Run" the perfect way to close out the performance.

Cons: None.

Chances: 99 percent: Has to be there and likely is the final song.


"10th Avenue Freeze Out"

Pros: Bruce used this song to open up his first show at Giants Stadium on the Magic Tour and the crowd ate it up. The introduction gets the crowd involved, and what better way to start off the set than the story of the E-Street Band.

Cons: Song may be relatively obscure for non-Springsteen Fans

Chances: 75 percent: Rumors are swirling that the horns will be brought down to Florida so that makes this the morning line favorite for opener.  


"My Lucky Day"

Pros: If he wants to use the Super Bowl audience as a marketing tool for his new album, Working on a Dream, this will do the trick.  Lyrics like, "to win darlin' we must play," and, "I've lost all the other bets I've made," make this song a nice fit for the Super Bowl.

Cons: It's a new song from new album that is still working to win over the hardcore Springsteen Fans

Chances: 70 percent: His inclusion of this song over the title "Working on a Dream" in his recent Guitar Hero release is likely a sign that if he goes with a new song, this will be it.


"The Rising"

Pros: Plays right into Obamamania. Inspirational song that is perfect for the times.

Cons: Musically, it's not the most upbeat song at times and might kill the mood in between two rockers.  

Chances: 40 percent: Some of the same choir from the Inauguration Festivities are being reported down in Florida.  

"Born in the USA"

Pros: The song is clearly an Anti-Vietnam song, but most of America still view it as a patriotic anthem. A great rocker that will have the crowd pumping their fists with pride.  

Cons: Despite its popularity, this song was a rarity on the last Bruce Tour, and the full band version has been passed by, going instead for the acoustic as of late to bring out the lyrics.

Chances: 30 percent: If Bruce starts the crowd off with this you know we'll be in for a treat, but recent history says it misses the cut.


"Glory Days"/"Dancing in the Dark"/"Hungry Heart"

Pros: Three of the more well known songs and one with a sports reference (be it baseball).  

Cons: This is the problem with having a song book of 400; you can't have them all.

Chances: 20 percent: I group these together because there is a chance Bruce sandwiches a medley in between to squeeze out more than three songs.  


Other Longshots: "Thunder Road", "Badlands", "The Promised Land", "Rosalita" 

If only he had more than 12 minutes.