The Truth About the AFC North

Leo HayesCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2009

The AFC North is an interesting division to say the least. In this division there are several well known rivalries, but I hope to give all of you a new perspective from which to view the division.

Look at this map. As an interesting side note, my home town of Erie is the part of Pennsylvania that looks something like a chimney. Notice how the three fan bases meet there. It's an interesting place to live.

In the AFC North probably the best known rivalry is the Steelers-Browns rivalry, as it is historic and is one of the longest running rivalries in the NFL. The teams and fans hate each other in an interesting way.

The Steelers-Ravens rivalry is also a very well known rivalry that has gained some prominence of late, especially considering the results of this year.

The Bengals aren't really big rivals of anyone. They looked to be establishing themselves early this decade, but it seams they have turned the wrong corner.

Consider, if you will, the current make up of the division.

The Steelers,

The Browns,

The Ravens,

The Bengals.

The Ravens are the relocated Browns who moved to Baltimore. Many of the Ravens fans hate to admit this, but in a way they can be considered the "new Browns."

The Bengals are an organization formed from many members who formerly were in the Browns' organization. In a way the Bengals can be considered the "fake Browns."

So if you consider the AFC North in this way it is the Steelers against three versions of the Browns. This means that this rivalry is played out, at minimum, six times every year. That would establish this rivalry as by far the best in the NFL.

In all seriousness, this division is full of teams who have had their difficult stretches, as well as their good times.

The fans from this division are some of the better fans in the entirety of the NFL.

With the success of the top two teams in the division, and the talent throughout, even in the bottom two teams, this division promises to contend with the best of them.