WWE News: Former Tag Team Champion Comments on How to Help WWE Tag Division

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The dreadful state of the WWE’s tag team division is anything but breaking news for a longtime fan of the company who remembers the days of the Road Warriors and New Age Outlaws, among others through the years.

Along with partner Shelton Benjamin, former three-time WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas made up half of one of the last great tag teams in the company in the early 2000s as the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

In a recent interview with SportstownChicago.com, Haas gave his opinion on what the WWE could do to bring the Tag Team division out of the gutter in which it has resided for the past few years.

From WrestlingInc.com:

"You've got one of the greatest minds in the business, who was part of one of the greatest tag teams and that's Arn Anderson. I would go back to the agents and say 'Arn, you're in charge of the tag team division. Come up with some tag teams, create tag teams and create story lines.' Let the agents that have been in the ring and have done their jobs, let them write the business."

In addition to the great idea by Haas to have the legendary Arn Anderson control the division, there are some other easy options the WWE could do to help revive the tag team division.

The simplest option would be for the WWE to keep tag teams together for more than a month or two, as they have done with teams like the Usos and former Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico.

Following their championship win last Monday on Raw SuperShow, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth have become a promising duo, working well together and being fan-favorites. Maybe the WWE is going in the right direction.

If the company could give the division some measure of stability with solid tag teams, we could see the division start to reclaim some of its past glory.

After reading the comments made by the former WWE Tag Team Champion, what are your suggestions on what the company should do to bring some life back into the tag team division?

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