Spring Traing Now Just Days Away!

Jimmy Beasley SrContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

With January going out like a Monster, and February arriving over the weekend, Spring Training will begin around the 13th, depending on when players decide to show up. I play fantasy baseball and our Fantasy season has picked up over the last two weeks with a record 34 trades and I'm still looking for a new owner as we lost on one of our regulars. Most are still waiting for some of their regular stars to sign.

Last year, Manny and Hamilton carried my offense while Cliff Lee and Carlos Zambrano lead my pitchers to my second straight title. This is my third season for this league, I've started three and like building then turning over to make new ones.

Most of my owners are buying their copies of the fantasy mags that are coming out. I only like two: Lindy's and the Fantsay Baseball Guide. As we prepare for our third spring draft.

Each year we hold a five round spring draft. The order is the opposite of our regular season finish. Picks can be traded throughout the year and change hands many times. Our rosters are 40 man, you keep all 40. You can't be over 40 with one exception, the draft.

We try to hold our draft with two weeks left in spring training but all rosters must be Down to 40, 24 hours before we have to set our first weekly lineup. We set our lineups on Monday of each week, you can make changes in your lineup up until one half hour before the first MLB pitch on Monday's.

If a owner trades away all his draft picks, and it always happens, a owner may drop any player from his roster beginning Jan first. After our five-round draft, we have a supplemental draft.

We allow the owners without draft picks to draft for as many rounds as they need to get their roster back to the league min of 40. We may have as many as 10 owners and as few as one.

During the regular season, we have a weekly waiver where you may add or drop up to 2 players per week. We have an order, which is the opposite order of our spring draft. If an owner above you in the order he gets your player.

We do it in order and if you add a player you fall to the bottom of the line for the following weeks. After our waivers are done, which have to be sent to the comish, me, by noon each Friday. After waivers close, we open our DL. You may put up to five players on the DL during the season, and you can use it until the next to last week of playoffs.

We use the MLB trade deadline. Once a trade is made, the owners email it to the comish, it's announced once all owners involved confirm. After the announcement, owners have two days to protest all trades. Which is rare in our league. But when it happen, the comish assigns two owners not involved in the trade. The tie is broke by the comish. If the comish is involved then he assigns an owner to rule in his place.

It's worked well. I like it because we set lineups once a week, we use CBS sportsline for our Web hosts and have for all our leagues. They feature live, up-to-the-minute scoring and you can use the site all year round.

But I also love playing Yahoo fantasy baseball as well. I've won many titles but don't like it as good as the weekly over daily owners. As they say to each their own right?

I've talked to all my owners and as always were discussing who will be this year's breakout players but the biggest talk has been the offseason and the free-agent market. Many don't like all the Yankee moves, and most some believe a salary cap is needed; as for me, I'm not sure.

Sometimes it seems like the way to go, but then I think why should one team be hurt because they work harder in pleasing their fans and they use their returns to keep their teams on the top? You can argue either way.

So, with the MLB season just weeks away from their start, all I can say here from my crib with 11" of snow outside? Let's play ball!