WWE Classic Match: The Rock vs. Triple H in a Ladder Match (SummerSlam 1998)

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Triple H and The Rock are still hanging around the WWE these days, with both men working as part-timers for the company that they helped build into the empire that it is today. 

Although “The Game” and “The People’s Champ” are both household names today (and two of the best overall superstars in company history), there was a time when they were rising up the ranks of the WWE just like the mid-carders of today. 

That time came in 1998, and it came when the Intercontinental Championship was one of the most coveted titles in all of the WWE. 

At that year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, The Rock and Triple H faced each other in a Ladder Match that was a battle of two of the fastest rising stars in the company at the time. 

This was not Rocky Maivia against “The Connecticut Blueblood.” It was Triple H vs. The Rock. 

And before I forget to mention it, you should know that this was probably in the conversation for best match of 1998, one of the greatest ladder matches of all-time and one of the best bouts of both men’s careers. 

In perhaps one of the most important and anticipated Intercontinental title matches in recent memory, the 26-year-old Rock took on the 28-year-old Triple H in a phenomenal match at SummerSlam. 

The Rock was accompanied by Nation of Domination stablemate Mark Henry, while Triple H was accompanied by DX’s Chyna. As you might imagine, Henry and Chyna played pivotal roles in the outcome of the match. 

The real storytelling, however, was done by The Rock and Triple H, who laid it all on the line to call themselves Intercontinental Champion, an honor that Triple H won after a grueling 26-minute encounter. 

This match took place when the WWE roster was more stacked than it had ever been, and despite being two of the biggest names in the company, The Rock and Triple H were competing for what is generally considered to be a mid-card title. 

Back then, though, the Intercontinental Championship mattered, and matches like this did, too. 

Don’t believe me? Watch it, and you’ll see just how much that belt meant to both The Rock and Triple H.

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