49ers Finally Have an Offensive Coordinator

Razi SyedCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

This just in! The San Francisco 49ers have hired an offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye, most recently the New York Jets running-backs coach. While I am not upset with this decision, I am however slightly dazed and confused.

Raye has no background at calling offensive plays, and this basically looks like a feel out process with the team. The Niners had other candidates they had interviewed prior to making this selection. From the top of my mind I can mention Jeff Jagonzinski, Rob Chudzinski, and Hue Jackson.

"Jags" has an offensive background with being the former Boston College headcoach and before that he was an OC for the Green Bay Packers in 2006. He was my favorite to land the job as the OC of the Niners. Chudzinski was also mentioned for the job but he took a TE coaching job with Norv Turner in San Diego. Jackson is the QB's coach for Baltimore and was credited with developing rookie Joe Flacco into a major centerpiece for the Ravens.

This is just another move that continues to frustrate, upset, and more importantly, question the intelligence of John York and GM Scott McCloughan the past three seasons. Now if Alex Smith falters in 2009 (assuming he is brought back), is it his fault that the Niners gave him a rookie OC to work with?

I understand that there is a major hole in the OC since the Mariucci days. We need an OC who will stay here for a number of years and not bolt for a head coaching job somewhere in the collegiate or professional ranks.

Only time will tell how this move will translate into success for a team that's expectations have risen since naming Mike Singletary the head coach. It's playoffs or bust for the Niners in 2009, let's hope it's not offensive coordinator or bust either.