Isn't It Great Antonio Henton Transferred From Ohio State?

Chip MinnichCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

In what I can only describe as a case of "I told you so", Ohio State has struck out with Tajh Boyd as well as Austin Boucher as quarterback options for this upcoming recruiting class to be signed on February 4th. Boyd will sign with Clemson, and Boucher will stay with his recently-made commitment to Miami University.

In the case of Boyd, Ohio State began recruiting him after Tennessee's Lane Kiffin told Boyd that he did not believe Boyd would fit into the future coaching staff's plans. Boyd visited Ohio State, but also visited Oregon and Clemson, before deciding on Clemson on 01/27/2009.

As for Boucher...Boucher was originally committed to Toledo, but re-opened his recruitment in the wake of Toledo's "reassignment" of Coach Tom Amstutz. Boucher was told by Ohio State that he was Ohio State's "Plan B" recruit in the wake of Boyd's decision, and decided to accept Miami University's scholarship offer this past weekend.

My allegiance to my alma mater is going to come shining through, but the reality is I cannot blame Austin Boucher for deciding to play for Miami. Nobody wants to be a fallback or settled upon selection, in football or especially in life. I wish Boucher nothing but the best in his endeavors at Miami University, as well as Mr. Boyd at Clemson.

As for Ohio State? Considering the rumors Joe Bauserman is contemplating a transfer, Ohio State should spend its remaining days between now and fall camp wooing Mr. Bauserman as not only a backup to Terrelle Pryor, but also reassure him that he will earn valuable playing time next season. An injury to Pryor would end all Big Ten hopes Ohio State may foster at this time, and Bauserman would be the most capable backup on Ohio State's roster.

Other alternatives? Ohio State has players such as DB Zach Domicone, DB Orhian Johnson, DB Rocco Pentello, and WR Grant Schwartz who all played high school quarterback, and it would make complete sense to move one of these players to the third quarterback spot. In the event of an injury to both Pryor and Bauserman...let's just say Ohio State's offense would not exactly instill fear in the heart of an opponent.

As for Antonio Henton? Glad to see Georgia Southern is treating you well...