Big Ten Breakdown 2012: Indiana Hoosiers, Part 1: Overview

David Fidler Correspondent IMay 8, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, IN - OCTOBER 08:  Tre Roberson #5 of the Indiana Hoosiers runs with the ball against the Illinois Illini during the game at Memorial Stadium on October 8, 2011 in Bloomington, Indiana.  Illinois won 41-20.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Team Overview

Indiana, the doormat of Big Ten football.

It makes no sense. Northwestern should be the doormat of the Big Ten and it was for many years before Gary Barnett, and later Randy Walker, picked it up by its bootstraps.

Meanwhile, Indiana has continued its legacy of awfulness and its coaching carousel—five different coaches since 2000—has perpetuated the problems.

In 2011, IU had its worst season since it went winless in 1984.

It is true that 2011 was a transition year, but as previously mentioned, transition years and Bloomington are getting to be familiar bedfellows.

Besides, none of the other transition years witnessed the Hoosiers lose to a 6-6 team from the MAC and a 5-7 team from the Sun Belt Conference.

This season, because it's Indiana, second-year coach Kevin Wilson won't have to make a bowl, let alone win a conference championship, in order to show progress.

Nevertheless, with a favorable schedule he'll need to win at least five, which means the Hoosiers will have to win their first conference game since 2010.


Team Breakdown

2011 Record: 1-11

2011 Conference Record: 0-8

2011 Home/Away/Neutral Record: 1-5/0-6

2011 Record vs. Ranked Teams: 0-2

Record Last Five Seasons: 20-42 (tied for 103rd in country over that period of time)

Conference Record Last Five Seasons: 6-34

Home/Away/Neutral Record Last Five Seasons: 15-18/5-21/0-3

Record vs. Ranked Teams Last Five Seasons: 0-13

Best Record Last Five Seasons: 7-6 (2007)

Worst Record Last Five Seasons: 1-11 (2011)

Number of Coaches Last 10 Seasons: Four


Coach Overview

Kevin Wilson will enter his second season as the head coach of the Hoosiers. His first season has to be considered an unmitigated disaster (even by Indiana standards), but because it is Indiana, he will have time to adjust.

Wilson has had a well-traveled career. He spent nine years at Miami (Ohio) and another three at Northwestern under the aforementioned Randy Walker before moving to Oklahoma to work under Bob Stoops.

He was the co-offensive coordinator or offensive coordinator for 10 seasons before moving to Bloomington.

His experience in Ohio and Illinois belie his knowledge of the Big Ten area.

On the other hand, one would figure the OC at a powerhouse like Oklahoma could have secured a better first head coaching gig than Indiana.

Either way, despite returning the most starters in the Big Ten and the fourth-most in all FBS football, Wilson will have his work cut out for him.


Coming next Tuesday, an overview and breakdown of Indiana's offense.