WWE started their Over the Limit 2012 pay-per-view extravaganza with an impromptu battle royale where the winner would go on to choose whether he wanted to wrestle for Santino Marella's United States Championship or Cody Rhodes' Intercontinental Championship.

Christian battled tooth and nail in his return back to pay-per-view in-ring action for the first time in months. Christian quickly pointed towards Santino and Michael Cole bought the bait instantly, but this would be the perfect time for WWE to swerve its audience.

Christian received a few pops in the battle royal, mostly because he outlasted David Otunga and The Miz, two solid midcard heels, to win the match. This would be the perfect time for Christian to start up an intense summer rivalry with Cody Rhodes over the Intercontinental Championship.

With Big Show fired by John Laurinaitis (as of this writing) and clearly moving on from his feud with Rhodes, Rhodes is currently without a rival for this summer. Christian had a fantastic feud with Randy Orton last year over the World Heavyweight Championship and this year he could put Rhodes over the top for good. 

One of the best spots of the match was when Rhodes was yelling at Santino by the announcer's table. He is one of the top midcard heels in the company and WWE is doing right by him by playing his rise to the top slowly. He needs to continue to get solid feuds under his belt so that whenever he becomes a main eventer, he has a storied background.

Considering Rhodes is becoming more comfortable on the microphone, he and Christian would do wonders in heated exchanges on the mic. 

Christian can work with anybody in the company and is a solid face in his own right. Now that he's back, SmackDown would be proud owners of a great feud between Christian and Rhodes that would further legitimize the Intercontinental Championship.

This is exactly what WWE needs and they know it. Let's just hope they actually do it tonight instead of going with the traditional route of Christian vs. Santino, which would lead nowhere. WWE, it's time to give us the midcard goods like the good ol' days. It better be Christian vs. Rhodes this summer!