AC Milan-Genoa: Rossoneris Rating

Carlos quinteroContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

The third and fourth place of Seria A played today at San Siro. It was predicted to be a good game and it was, the first half was all for Milan, Pirlo hit he bar two times, and Becks scored a magnificent goal, great goal from the "32."

In the second half, Milan began playing good, but Mr. Ancelotti made some inexplicable changes and then Milan sucked. Ancelotti made this magnificent Milan, a defensive Milan, and of course Milito scored at the 88th minute.

Abbiati 8.0: When Milan needed, he was there. Sadly, Milito scored, but it was almost impossible to catch for him.

Jankouloski 6.0: Didn't help attacking; maybe because he wasn't needed; but his defensive skill went to vacations today.

Maldini 8.0: El Capitano was excellent today, he stopped Milito all the game, the goal was Seneros fault. He made an entrance to Milito in the '90s but it necessary.

Favalli 6.0: I can't believe he's still in Milan, he never helped Maldini, made some mistakes and he was way too slow.

Zambrotta 6.5: He showed how good he's defending in some parts of the game, but just that. Never helped Beckham attacking.

Ambrossini 7.5: Nice game for Massimo Ambrossini, he played excellent in the first half.

Pirlo 8.5: In the first half Pirlo played: excellent, no more no less, Pirlo hit the bar twice. In the second half he was a little more absent like all Milan because of Ancelotti, but still he made some interesting things.

Beckham 8.5: What a goal! Wow, I was shocked, amazing. Beckham scored an amazing goal today, but he wasn't helping that much in the midfield.

Seedorf 7.0: Finally I think we have our Seedorf back, Thanks God. Against Bologna and Genoa, Seedorf is showing he still can play football.

Kaka 4.0: Awful game for Kaka, he didn't do anything, didn't help at all. He was exhausted, don't understand why Ancelotti didn't changed him.

Pato 7.0: Pato is showing game by game his qualities, very nice game, the only thing left was the goal.

Ancelotti 1.0: Awful changes, Milan lost because of this guy.


Ronaldinho 6.0: He couldn't do anything, but I don't blame him. He the only forward, and he was playing next to a dead Kaka.

Flamini 5.5: He tried but didn't succeed.

Senderos 4.0: Please go back to Arsenal immediately! The goal was thanks to this guy.